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So I’ve been a crabby mama lately.

Because it’s winter.

And my throat hurts.

And I can’t find the remote control for the living room tv.

And the bathroom doorknob is falling off again.

And the safety bar on my stroller inexplicably (ok, I really yanked it way too hard) came off.

And I keep finding random things stashed in the washing machine like books and diapers.

But I’m trying to turn my negative energy around by thinking of nice things. Like bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. And maybe toss in some brown paper packages tied up with strings.

No, not working. Maybe I’ll focus on… shoes. Yes. Shoes. That might make me feel better.

We are a family obsessed with shoes.

On vacation, Rick and I brought too many of them. Of course, we didn’t intend to wear all of them. It’s about having options.


1 year-old Summer likes to eat them.


It seems that even babies don’t look that cute when they eat shoes.

3 year-old Dylan likes to wear them.


As long as they aren’t hers.

In fact, I finally relented and handed over to her a pair of leopard print, lucite heeled Via Spiga shoes that I bought in the early 90s.


I haven’t worn these in at least a decade but I keep thinking… well, you never know when you might need animal print wedges. Apparently, not very often. So there they are – a piece of my single, sassy youth lying in a toy bin.

No. This definitely isn’t working. Now I feel super pissy.

So I call my friend Julie and she makes me laugh.

Then Summer actually wants ME to tuck her in instead of her bff daddy. ME. You like me, you really like me! Looks like “the L word” is working its cable charm. Girlfriend knows who lets her watch Showtime.

And my husband, who has bronchitis, makes me chicken soup. Ok, well, it’s awfully hard to be pouty when he’s being so freakin’ nice.

And then my friend Kristen sends me 14 reasons why she’s glad I’m her friend. Seriously. What a super star gal pal. And she lives in Minnesota where it’s like negative 9 or something. If she can buck up, can’t I?

I might, just maybe, be feeling a smidge better.

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21 Responses to glum mum

  • JoLynn says:

    Sorry your feeling so blue!! I too am a Minnesotan living in the Connecticut birbs and my sister told me you can throw a glass of water in the air out there and it freeze's instantly!! Imagine living in that world!! You need to go out and buy a new sweater and a nice big latte!!!! Feel better!

  • Kristen says:

    Okay…. you are too sweet. I have not worn shoes in months. We wear boots so we don't ruin our nice shoes in the snow and salt. Maybe you should come here so you only have to buy boots? Does that help at all? By the way, it did not reach 0 today. We are hopeful for tomorrow. It may hit 10! Yippee! Hang in there friend!

  • Kerry says:

    ok, i'm going to play the voice of reason and reality-check here…you just got back from livin' large in boca…get over the winter blahs/blues, girl! 🙂 glad you handed the lucite wedges over to summer. better in her mouth than on your feet. enjoy the chicken soup and feel better!

  • Lanie says:

    Do you know that Fat Tuesday is this Tuesday? I know that Mardi Gras right now might not cheer you up but perhaps you could think of past Mardi Gras' (think early 90's and ok, late 80's).

    Or, you could always move south. . .Hope that all the Folbaums feel better soon!

  • I have to agree on reclaiming the leopard print wedges. They are cute. The women accessorize with leopard print here, which means it must be fashionable.

    Winter will be over before you know it. Get those sandals ready…

  • Jen says:

    Feel better Folbaums! Know the feeling..we've been sick on and off all winter…& I just had foot surgery– on crutches for 4 weeks! Luke (3), Parker (18 mos.) not really jiving with it!

    C'mon Spring–isn't groundhog day coming up soon?!

  • I'm not a shoe girl myself, but my youngest is downright scary. I take the kids into Payless, and her whole body starts quivering like a little puppy's at the sight of a doggy biscuit as she starts grabbing the nearest shoes off the shelf and trying to shove her fat little feet into them. Wow.

  • WA says:

    I can relate. We just got back from Hawaii to a cold, gray, wet Austin and depression has set in big time. Next time, maybe we'll take our January vacay to Minnesota.

  • Kristen says:

    I like Lanie's idea of remembering Mardi Gras… you could always order a King cake (from Gambino's) and have some friends over to celebrate!

  • Jennifer says:

    Gah. January. (And February…hee.) Go ahead and embrace your Inner Crabby, I say. It will be spring and we'll all be dancing around before we know it. (Hmm. Spring shoe shopping?!)

  • JoLynn says:

    One other comment, I look sooo forward to reading your blog everyday and it makes me VERY HAPPY!!! You are wonderful with a GREAT sense of humor!! Just remember how many people YOU put in a great mood AND how popular your blog is!! It's MY absolute FAVORITE!!!!Hopefully this help's!!! Your admirer-JoLynn!!

  • Michelle says:

    I was at the pediatrician today talking to another Mommy with three kids each approx 15 months apart.(Proving there will always be someone more tired than you!) She mentions to me that she was in such a rush to get out of the house that she forgot to put her shoes on. Then shows me her very cute house slippers! (Clearly we live in Florida as she never would have done that in MN! ) Sending lots of Sunshie your way!!

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