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When I was about 11-years-old, my dad owned a motorcycle.

I would hop on the back (I think we’ve already determined that my parents weren’t at the forefront of child safety), and we would head to the local fudge shop. Obviously, the fact that I got to ride on the back of my dad’s motorcycle and eat fudge pretty much made me the coolest tween on the block.

And years later, when I was a student in Spain, I would leave a Madrid bar at 3 in the morning, jump on some Spaniard’s motorcycle and enjoy an exhilarating, high speed spin around the city.

And in my twenties, I went on a number of dates with someone who I didn’t exactly have a love connection with but I was madly in love with his motorcycle. I still miss that bike.

So I was quite intrigued when I recently took a gorgeous 4th of July cruise. The trip was courtesy of my friends Bruce and Alex who own City Lights Cruises.  And Bruce happened to mention that he just bought a motorcycle.

And maybe some people would think – that sounds kind of dangerous for a family man. But I thought, that sounds AWESOME. And hey, why doesn’t my husband own a motorcycle?!

So I turned to my husband Rick…

“Honey, Bruce bought a motorcycle. How cool is that?! Would you ever consider buying a hog so we can ride around like bad ass renegades?”

“Hmmm… I don’t think so. Maybe a scooter,” he answered.

Very bad ass.

16 Responses to girl seeks motorcycle rider

  • Lotte B says:

    Come on…Rick is talking about a Vespa – and he wants to drive around in an Italy-Paris-romantic-way on that Vespa with you…or he actually means a scooter, and he should reconsider (I agree with you mom!)

  • Steph says:

    This from the mom who is an admitted-big-time-worrier? You are one delightfully complicated woman! And I’m with Rick on this one. Sorry:)

  • DawnGes says:

    Ahhhhh… I’ve been dreaming of owning and riding a motorcycle for years, and determined that I will! Since I’m 52 I keep telling my husband that it better happen soon while I’m still able to get my leg up over and sit on the bike! 🙂 I’ll drive to NY when I get one and pick you up for a jaunt–oh, wait, you want a male driver, right? Can’t help you there…

  • Rick says:

    For the record, I offered to get a Vespa AND to grow out my hair like Tommy Tom wore it back in the early 80’s. Both offers still stand.

  • Andrea says:

    I also have fond memories of riding on the back of my dad’s V-max. In college he would take me up Pacific Coast Highway, through Malibu, and we’d stop for lunch along the way. I’m pretty sure my husband does an internal eye-roll every time I tell him how fun it was.

    And for the record Rick: a Vespa does not a renegade make.
    Just sayin’!

  • Kim W. says:

    I rode on the back of my dad’s motorcycle too! I must have been 5 or 6 at the time. He tells me now that he rode “really slowly.”

    And then as a teenager, I accepted a ride from a near stranger late at night because the bus had stopped running, and I was maybe slightly impaired, and then I got a nasty burn on my calf when he dropped me off at home.

    But still! I have a sweet spot for motorcycles.

  • Abby says:

    I thought it was pretty cool when my dad drove me around this weekend in his mid-life-crisis-that he bought at 65 years old-car: a cute little BMW convertible. He may look like a rock star like Tom does in this picture but he’s still super cool to me!!!! Motorcycles scare me!!!! But then again I’ve been skydiving and hanggliding so who am I to judge? 🙂 PS cute photo of you, Alex, and Jo!

  • frankasen says:

    I bought one as soon as I got married and was no longer “under the roof” of my father. I bought it used and cheap. My neighbor “Smokey” had an enormous one (BIKE GIRLS!!) and gave me a couple of lessons. Then my bike was stolen right out of the locked chain attached to the bumper of my car at our condo. To THIS DAY I accuse my Dad of stealing it, and he says, “I didn’t, but I WOULD have if I knew it was there!” 38 years later, I have a new neighbor who has THREE giant bikes and he buys them cheap and fixes them like new. Don’t tell my Dad OR my husband, but he’s got his eye out for a scooter for me!!! Get off the roads!!!!

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