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So you know things have been kind of dull around here… with that party with the naked body art lady and that other party where I had the opportunity to do a chardonnay luge shot.

Well, this past weekend I went to a gorgeous wedding on the beach (with neither of these body art or luge amenities which was very shortsighted in my opinion).

But I did have the following conversation with an extended member of my family…

“You should really come squirrel hunting sometime.”

“Okay… do you actually eat the squirrel after you shoot it?” I asked.

“Of course!”

“I see. And what exactly does squirrel taste like?”

“It taste like turtle.”

“I figured. And how much meat is actually on a squirrel?” (I don’t know why I asked this.)

“About the same as half a chicken.”

“Interesting. I’m going to go get a cocktail now.”

My sister Quinn was at the wedding which was great for a couple reasons. First of all, she basically had a dance off with some Brooklyn girl to a Journey song and totally won. And second, when I backed into a 77-year-old woman on the dance floor and basically found myself accidentally cradling her behind, I  just blamed it on Quinn and her 1981 dance moves.

I also learned that up until this year my sister thought “Yee-haw!” was actually pronounced “Hee Haw!” Not really her fault because they must not cover that distinction in law school.

So Quinn, my brother-in-law Erik, Rick and I decided to take photos together at the wedding and obviously we all look pretty good…

Let me know if you want copies.

Now please don’t get depressed that all my fun adventures are behind me because this weekend I’m going on a chocolate, desserts and wine tour in the city. Seriously. It’s through Cloud 9 Living which offers all these amazing experiences like driving a race car, going up in a hot air balloon or a private DJ lesson. Obviously I chose chocolate and wine.

The whole thing is courtesy of Jingos! Live Bold Challenge from Pepperidge Farm. Jingos! are these super tasty crunchy crackers and I get to bring a box of them on the tour with me. So it’s going to be me, the box of Jingos! and my girlfriend Alex. (I hope we all get along okay because you know how things can get awkward when there is a group of three.)

At this point you’re thinking, what’s in for me lady?!! Well, you get a chance to win a Cloud 9 Living gift card valued at $150.00. They have experiences all over the country. To enter, just mention Jingos! in your comment. (You know the way you always do.) And make sure you have liked The Mama Bird Diaries on Facebook. Good luck!

mama bird notes:

This post was sponsored by Jingos! Live Bold Challenge from Pepperidge Farm.

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