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Dylan has been on spring break all week. With her three rigorous mornings a week of preschool, she was really ready to blow off some steam.

So she’s been getting totally wasted on Milwaukee’s Best Light and raging hard with her gal pals down in Ft. Lauderdale.

Well… actually, she’s mostly been hanging out with me and Summer. I guess the flights to Florida were booked. Or she just thinks her mum is super cool. Or maybe it’s because she’s 3.

But she’s still living it up toddler style.

She felt the sand between her toes at a Tribeca playground and flirted with 8 year-old Michael.

She REALLY wanted to help Michael build his sand castle but the guy was a bit of a loner. Or maybe he’s just coming off another relationship and the timing isn’t right.

Anyway, Dylan got over Michael real fast, and moved on to a somewhat older crush, Jimmy the plumber.

I was practically in love with Jimmy too, with the way he arrived on time and fixed my bath drain. Dylan thought Jimmy was way cool but just so damn focused on his work. Don’t you hate when guys are like that?

Dylan even started a diary this week. She can’t keep all these exciting vacation adventures bottled up inside.

She narrated out loud as she pretended to write, “Summer had major poop. So big we can’t believe it. It was so big we had to go to the doctor and then I got a cold.”

Well, the poop part is accurate. I must say Dylan was fibbing a bit with the doctor and the cold part. But let’s cut the chick some slack because who hasn’t exaggerated a little when telling spring break tales.

Then we had the opportunity, to watch a young boy pee this morning on a flower bed of fresh tulips, as we walked to the coffee shop. I guess sometimes you really gotta go… on someone’s beautiful flowers.

But the very best, most awesome part of this week was meeting this gal… Lila Drew Bales.

Yup. Even better than accosting Michael Kors. Congratulations to contributing mama Jordana Bales, her hubby Michael and big sis, Ava. But mostly to Jordana who had a VBAC with the little miss who weighed in at 9 lbs, 12 ounces. That is some strong work, girlfriend.

And I saw pictures people. Very graphic pictures. Vagina. Blood. Baby. Placenta. Seriously.

I love the name Lila Drew so much I’m thinking of changing my own name to Lila Drew. Is that creepy? She was so scrumptious and sweet and fuzzy that maybe I’ll just…

Or crap… BIG sign about facing serious penalties if you leave the floor with a newborn. Can you believe that I’m bossy enough to make poor Jordana, after giving birth to a 9 lb plus baby, take snapshots of me pretending to steal her baby?!

Fine. I’ll give Lila back. Jordana deserves her. She did carry her for 42 crazy long weeks.

And congrats as well to the Bowyer/Cruise family on their new little boy, Samuel Alden Lester Cruise. If Lila, an upper east side girl, has a thing for downtown boys then maybe a little something can be worked out here. Not too early for those baby lovebirds to start planning spring break ’28. The Milwaukee is on me.

mama bird notes

As a parent, I sometimes feel like I’m on fast forward… especially during the bedtime routine. Contributing mama Daphne Biener got a lesson in slowing down by the great Mary Poppins. Or at least someone fitting that exact description. Click on drooling over this to read more.

We have an awesome giveaway coming next week from Maidenform. Details to come…

18 Responses to girl gone wild

  • Susah Kintner says:

    Fantastic news! Lila Drew you chose a great family and Jordana, Michael and Ava, you chose a great baby from whom to learn some of life's many lessons! Thrilled for all of you. Blessings and joy and remember to smile, breath and know you are loved. Susahn

  • Kimberly says:

    mazel tov jordana!!!!! such exciting news! she is beautiful and i LOVE the name too! hope you are feeling well… very impressive, my friend;)

  • Lanie says:

    What great news – congratulations Jordana! Have fun with Lila Drew! Dylan, have fun on the rest of your spring break πŸ™‚

  • sam says:

    paolo is a little miffed and trying to understand how being on spring break means that you're not really in a committed relationship. the flirting is really hurtful dylan. how do you think that makes paolo feel? does he not provide you enough love and excitement? weekends away in the hamptons just not enough for you? you have some explaining to do missy…

  • Erin says:

    Congrats to Jordana and what a beautiful name, Lila. I will have to add it to my baby name list in case #2 is another girl. I'm glad Dylan was able to blow off steam this week. I don't doubt that being three is stressful. Has she tried yoga to her cope with stress?

  • Jessi says:

    Oh my, she's gorgeous!

    Two more days and Spring Break is over. Will Dylan be ready to settle back into her routine? It takes my kids a few days to feel back to the ways again.

  • Aunt Marcia says:

    I had offered to pay for the 'baby naming rights' but the Bales wanted $25,000 for 'Lily Dew' and Jordana thought it sounded like a soft drink. So she tweaked it and called her 'Lila Drew', and I saved $25,000. Anyone naming their baby girl 'Lila', has to pay a fee for use of the name…come up with your own original/beautiful name.

  • Memarie Lane says:

    I can't get excited about Maidenform. I have to special order my brassieres as most companies don't believe it's possible for a 100 pounder to have DD's. Oh well.

    If Max had a diary it would say, "Today I transformed into a big truck! And then an airplane! And then I pewed the house and I pewed Mommy all up!"

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