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This week has been a whirlwind for me.

First of all, Rick can’t change any diapers right now because of surgery on his hand (He says this with a straight face so what choice do I have but believe him? I’m trying to be supportive here.). So that means I get dibs on all the diapers. Please, don’t be jealous. I realize how lucky I am.

And then something even better happened…

group-with-katie-2.jpgI met Katie Couric. I actually got to chill out with the anchor of the CBS Evening News. Beth Blecherman and Jill Asher of Silicon Valley Moms Blog invited a bunch of way cool bloggers like Petroville, RoleMommy and Baby-Faith to meet Katie. I, gratefully, got to come along as well.

And now I have a major girl crush. Because Katie Couric is just the grooviest. Normally, I make a point to dislike people who make 15 million dollars a year because they don’t need my love. Can’t they buy love? But you just can’t dislike this Katie Couric. She is just so smart. And funny. And authentic. And just nice. O.k. I’ll stop.

You can read more about my day with Katie here. Seriously, click on it and you’ll even find out her favorite reality show. No, it’s not the “Real Housewives of New York City.” Or if it is, she never admitted it to me.

So now, just like I poured my heart and energy into a full-on letter writing campaign to save “Party of Five” in 1994, I will beg you to start watching the CBS evening news.

Even Dylan is on board.


After my K.C. outing, I had the chance to karaoke it up with more fab bloggers like Mom-101, Mommy Poppins, Mums The Wurd and PunditMom. So thanks to Cool Mom Picks for picking up the room tab. Now despite the fact that I recently ripped up the floor at the Staten Island Roller Jam and f—ed some sh-t up playing The Fast and the Furious at the glorious Dave & Buster’s, I’m not really a shake it, shine in the spotlight, karaoke girl.

I love to punch in super awesome songs like Rick Springfield’s, “Jessie’s Girl.” Oh come on… you know she’s just lovin’ him with that body. But the programming of the song is sort of MY thing.

While others embrace the actual singing/performing thing…


And I did realize something else this week. Going out 3 nights in a row completely kicks my arse.

Dang. I remember in college I could keep it strong from Wednesday Ladies’ Night all the way until late night mugging with some hot Frat boy (or at least he looked smokin’ after 6 kamikaze shots) on Saturday night.

What the heck happened to me? Oh, maybe like 20 years. This 30-something girl is fried.

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