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We did it. We somehow managed to get ourselves and our four children packed, dressed and to the airport. We checked our luggage and then made our way to security. A very nice security woman looked at our tickets and then turned to us and said…

“Gosh, your whole family is gorgeous. Do you all model?”

Oh wait, that’s not what she said. She actually said…

“There’s a problem.”

She made some markings on our tickets with her pen, which then ran out of ink.

“Is the problem with your pen?” Rick asked hopefully.

“No. The pen is not the problem,” she responded.

Apparently, there was a little issue because we forgot to notify the airlines that we had two babies who would be sitting on our laps on the plane. I offered to check the babies at the gate. The security woman said no.

Rick finally had to make his way to the airline counter and work out the baby issue and then we were able to go through security and board.

The flight was okay.Β  Chase was very fussy and every time I stood up to calm him (which was a lot), Summer thought we had arrived in Memphis and was ready to deplane.

I watched 2 1/2 minutes of “Sex and the City 2” which seemed pretty good except I could only open my computer screen half way because the guy in front of me was leaning so far back.

I read three pages of “People” magazine.

I learned that Christina Applegate’s new baby has brought great joy into her life and being a new mother has made her —-

And then Harlowe ripped the page out of my hand and that was the end of the magazine.

I finally ordered some wine, most of which spilled all over my shirt. But seriously, I always say if you can’t drink cheap wine, then at least smell like cheap wine.

And finally, finally we arrived.

Now the last time we were at my sister’s, my girls got the stomach flu and threw up all over her house. So this time around, I ordered no one to puke and told 9-month-old Chase not to eat his new baby cousin.

And so far he hasn’t.

Although Harlowe has zeroed in on him as an easy target. Newborns are so gullible.

Matej, don’t you know she sells loose socks to pay for her blow outs?

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