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When I was in my twenties, I remember asking my mom, “So when do you start to feel old?”

I’m sure she really appreciated this question. Certainly as much as the time I suggested she stop scrunching up her forehead so she could have fewer wrinkles. I then emphasized the point by trying to press down her wrinkles with my fingertips.  I can only imagine it was moments like this that made her feel so blessed to have such a helpful and wise daughter.

And I figured given her forehead wrinkles (which I now have too) and her frequent mail from the AARP (which I don’t have yet), she would be the authority on age.

And I wanted to know – when in your life – do you start to feel old?

She answered, “You really don’t. You pretty much feel the same.  But then you look in the mirror or another birthday rolls around and that’s when you realize the passage of time.”

And she was right.

I still feel about 27.

But I’m not. Although I do have a lot of spunk left in me because I got pulled over the other day for going 85 mph in my Porsche.  What I mean is, I got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign in my minivan at about 1 mph.

That’s right baby! Despite the fact that I had gotten 14 emails and 37 texts from my town that day (numbers might be exaggerated) that the stop sign was going up and despite the fact that there was a police officer sitting right there, I allegedly just rolled right though that sucker!

My point is – I may look old and I may indeed be old, but I am once crazy young at heart lady. By the way, it’s not my birthday so don’t start sending me insanely expensive gifts or anything.  But this video reminded me that birthdays are indeed a blessing. Each and every one of them.

(This post is sponsored by the ACS.)

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