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So the other day at breakfast, when Summer was eating her cereal mixed with orange juice (because apparently cereal with milk is completely passé)…


and Dylan was wearing her swim cap…


I started to dread the inevitable task of getting them dressed for the day.

I really HATE trying to get my kids dressed.

Because they don’t do it. At all. They just wander around, constantly getting distracted by musical instruments and dolls and sparkles and dental floss.

4 year-old Dylan has many excuses like…

“It takes me a really long time to figure out what I want to wear.”

“I need a little time to wake up first.”

“I’ll get dressed but first I need to dance. ”

You know, the kind of stuff that slows down us adults in the morning  too.  I used to be constantly late for work because of my morning Riverdance ritual.

So I’ve come to really not care what Dylan and Summer put on, as long as it’s something sort of weather appropriate, which pretty much includes everything except bathing suits. So that’s how Dylan ended up happily wearing her pajama top, tights and Dora nightgown all day.


And then when she got home, she promptly put on a different pair of pajamas so she could, you know, in her words “be more comfortable.”

Yeah, I can imagine that Dora nightgown must have felt like a Victorian corset.

Oh, my sweet Dylan… wear as many pairs of pajamas as you desire.

Because when you’re comfortable, so am I.

mama bird notes:

I recently was invited to an Oral-B event with the very likeable pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana at the fab New York City playspace Apple Seeds.

giveaway-bagI quickly realized that I didn’t know much about taking care of my kids’ teeth. Did you know that you are supposed to bring your kid to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears? And flouride is not recommended for kids under 2? And that your children should be brushing morning and night for a full 2 minutes. I think I only brush my own teeth for like 33 seconds.

In the spirit of healthy teeth, I’m giving away this adorable tote from Oral-B, filled with kids’ toothbrushes, toothpaste, Dr. Jana’s books and some super cute bathroom accessories.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment this week and mention your dental hygiene in some way so that I know you are interested in the giveaway. Good luck birdies.

71 Responses to get dressed. i’m serious. now.

  • E says:

    I took the kids to the dentist when they were babies but deep down I felt scammed…..Just fulfilling the requirement for entering the contest!!!!

  • So I guess I shouldn’t let my toddlers continue using the Rembrandt toothpaste…  I have to physically restrain my three year old when I take him to Cartoon Cuts. I don’t have the courage to face the dentist yet.

    My sons are usually happy enough to wear anything I want them to put on. As long as it doesn’t involve pants. My daughter has more opinions – so I’m thinking it’s a girl thing.

  • Here’s a little tip: Keep the number of available clean clothes to a minimum. Oh? You saw through that? But that’s one way my procrastination does pay off. 🙂

    But if the Girl wanted to wear pajamas, I don’t think I’d stop her. One less step in the a.m. is golden.

    (Your girls are so cute. I love when you post photos.)

  • Di says:

    Ok, so my kids must totally be weird because my 10 year old loves going to the dentist while my 2 year old loves to brush his teeth more than playing with most toys! While making dentist appointments I asked to make an appointment for my 1 1/2 yr. old at the time and they told me they don’t want to scare them away from the dentist at this age even after I told them he loves to brush his teeth and has a whole mouthful! I was shocked! Easy money turned down!! Wow! I’ll hit em up on this again next month to see if they want to see him, may get a different answer via this economic crisis!

  • kristen says:

    dylan sounds like my girl at her age…there are some battles that i couldn’t fight and actually, i sort of liked her crazy combo’s and the rationale behind them.

    i promise you’ll be sad when these clothing creations are gone and she actually wears regular clothes and matches!

    your girls are really cute. xo

  • Jodi says:

    I’ve already paid for one set of braces on the older kid.  Younger will be next. They had BETTER keep those $5000 teeth clean! 

    P.S.  I love to floss.  I’m a freak, I know.

  • Okay, my son does the cheerios and oj thing too. He learned it from a houseguest we had when he was 3. At least he didn’t drink vodka or something in the morning..I mean, he could have picked up something worse.

    My daughter has the exact same morning routine.  5 times she called down this morning, ” I don’t know what to wear”, “What should I wear?”

    I went upstairs to prod her along, since the bus was due in 2.5 minutes and I found her surrounded by the entire contents of 4 dresser drawers spread out on her floor. And she was wearing soccer shorts.

    It’s 16 degrees here.

    I’ve been back 3 days and I already need a vacation. From my kids.

  • Oh, and I should say that re: oral hygiene – my daughter got that blue stuff to make sure she brushes well. It’s really gross. And I’m sure it would work better if she remembered to use it.

    I loved the musical rotating toothbrushes that the kids used to have – it sucked when the batteries ran out.

    I need a good flossing right now and if I could, I’d go to the dentist every month for a teeth cleaning – I love the feeling of clean teeth.

    As an aside, I think I’d like kissing a lot more if I knew that the person I was kissing had just gotten there teeth cleaned. Weird, huh?

    Yes, I would definitely like to be in this giveaway.

    I’ll shut up now.

  • But do people look at you like you are abusing your child for not being perfectly dressed??  Oh yes, this is what we deal with here in Rome – and let me tell you, Clara has very specific ideas about fashion that don’t at all jibe with wearing normal, everyday, weather-appropriate clothing!  Mama Mia! 

  • Bitsy says:

    When my daughter was in kindergarten the morning dressing got to be such an ordeal and I really didn’t care what she wore. Finally a friend told me to have her get dressed the night before and sleep in her clothes! I was desperate so we tried it. She loved it and suddenly mornings were wonderful. She chose to do until she was in 6th grade! Oh, look! Your hubby just appeared on my t.v. talking about water.

  • MommyTime says:

    Argh. The getting of the bodies into the clothes. This is the bane of my mornings.  Me: “Put on your socks.” Him: fiddle fiddle fiddle with Transformer. Me: “Socks please.” Him: browse idly with book.  Me: “PUT ON YOUR SOCKS by the time I get back here from getting dressed.” Two minutes later, Me: WHY aren’t you wearing your socks?” Him, looking genuinely surprised, “Oh, I forgot.”

  • Julie says:

    I love Dylan’s comments about getting dressed. There is no way my baby lets me brush his teeth twice a day and I still feel like nothing happens at the dentist when I take Ella every 6 months. They brush her teeth and count them and it’s almost $200.

  • janna says:

    Sometimes I hide the toothbrush b/c Abby loves to brush her teeth  so much she won’t stop.  We go through at least 1-2 toothbrushes per month for her.

  • EW says:

    Does sucking the children’s toothpaste off the toothbrush count as brushing them?  We’ll be working on the 2 minute thing! 

  • Sandrine says:

    There’s no way Tengo would brush his  teeth for 2 minutes, I’m so glad that at least he’s brushing them (sort of)…At least Milo is giving us a break, 9 months and nothing in sight..

  • Daphne says:

    Ah, yes, as long as they are wearing the clothes it is all good. (ok, sometimes they are just carrying them, but it’s close enough…) My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE their dentist.  Seriously Love Her. Her trick? Sing the ABCs 2x to make sure they brush enough.

  • Stephanie (Tyler's Mom) says:

    We just had our first visit to the dentist and it was a success!  Normally, when you try to put a finger in Tyler’s mouth, she’ll bite you.  I was SO nervous that she would chomp down on the dentist.  There was even more pressure when I saw he was a “McSteamy” kind of a doctor.  LOL  Tyler must have realized how handsome he was and didn’t want to blow their “relationship” on the first “date”.  LOL  She did great!!!

    BTW, Tyler is only 18 months and she is already trying to assert her sense of fashion.  I thought I had at least another year of dressing her.  No such luck!

  • hokgardner says:

    I let my girls pick out their own clothes and don’t say anything as long as they are weather appropriate. So when my daughter came out the other morning in argyle tights, plaid skirt and polka-dotted shirt and said, “I almost match!” I agreed with her and sent her off to school.

  • Elissa says:

    while my dentist says to bring my daughter in now (she is 1 and has 8 teeth), my pediatrician says between 2 and 3.  she took a quick look at her 1 year check-up and said she didn’t think it was necessary to bring her in now.
    i try to brush her teeth with the little rubber fingertip toothbrush – but she bites me – so it’s not so successful.  but the pediatrician said it’s about the ritual now more than about the actual cleaning of the teeth.

  • Becky says:

    Wow! interesting dentist info.  I have been doing it all wrong!!!!!
    I can’t get my kids dressed either! I threaten to take my five year old to school naked all the time;)

  • swapna says:

    First dentist visit at the first tooth , no wonder I have terrible teeth inspite of burhsing for 120 seconds twice a day ! I have something to blame my parents for now :-))

  • Sara Bruskiewicz says:

    When I took my 2 year old to the dentist for the first time, I had the I am a great Mom feeling just for getting him there by the time he was two, then the dentist “dug” out the popcorn from his back molers from the night before!

  • christy says:

    “I need a little time to wake up first”! haha what a cutie pie. I put our baby on our dental plan when she was born, but I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be taking her to the dentist anytime soon unless there’s a problem! I figured better safe than sorry.

  • Mama Bee says:

    Brush twice for 2 minutes each time?! Do these people *have* small children?! It’s all I can do to get Bee to brush for 10 seconds once a day, and even then it’s only her bottom teeth that get any brush time!

    I’m thinking I definitely need that gift bag! Either that or a children-sized set of dentures for Bee…

  • Suzie says:

    Getting dressed is a battle most mornings, especially now that Caden is 2.5. I give him two options and that’s it. Although he has been known to wear his pajama top to daycare every once in a while. No biggie.

    And brushing? Yes, twice a day–Mama or Dada goes first, singing the ABC’s TWO times (just like Elmo says), and then it’s his turn. We have yet to go to the dentist, but they did have a dentist come to daycare a month ago to visit with the kids. I guess I should make him an appointment soon!

  • Terra says:

    my Hailey is just like that , except she likes to get dressed in the morning as long as she can pick her own stuff out.  She is quite creative and often gets sent back to change (if it is a school day)

  • Julia says:

    I read an article yesterday that said flossing twice a day (for adults) helps prevent heart disease.  I have a long way to go…

  • Jaclyn says:

    Getting my daughter dressed is always a task. Its not that she wont wear appropriate clothing, she wants to wear nothing. While that might fly in NYC, in Az, CPS will be at your door in seconds flat. Maybe if I enticed her to wear a t-shirt saying ” My mommy brushes for 2 full minutes, does yours?” she might get dressed easier.  Even though I dont. We will see.

  • okay, I just found out recently about how soon you are suppose to take your a babes to the dentist.  I did not know, so of course panic sets in and now I am trying to find a great dentist for my 19 month old!!!  meanwhile I am deathly afraid of the dentist and haven’t been for 2 years.  It has been on my to-do list for the entire month!!!

  • aimee says:

    Too funny about that outfit! Please enter me in the contest! Our dentist told us to bring our son in when he was 3. We let him “brush” then brush for him to “make sure he got all the spots.”

  • feener says:

    yes this week is dental week at sass’ s preschool and i fear what she might tell the teachers. like sometimes we DON”T brush our teeth, or all the sugar we eat….at least she doesn’t drink soda, but she keeps telling me that MATT a kid in her class does drink soda. YUKOOOOO

  • becky says:

    I’m trying to get my kid to let me brush his teeth. It seems to help to do it after he sees me brush mine. But he hasn’t been to the dentist yet.

  • Michelle says:

    First off, I’d love the tote. Don’t those dentists know that 2 minutes is an eternity for a three year old and even longer with an 18 month old. (an I sit her in a bumbo seat for teeth brushing!)  Second I admire your willingness to let go in the clothes department. yesterday Emilia (3) insisted on wearing her pink silky pj’s to school. I said no, she asked if she could wear them under her clother, no. Once she was dressed and ready I went ahead and jumped into the shower, I got out of the shower and there she was with her PJ’s on over her clothes. She proceeded to explain to me that i didn’t say she couldn’t wear them over her clothes!! I stuck my head behind the door took a deep laughing/non laughing breath and then proceeded to “win” the battle. When I came home from work that day there she was in her pink pajamas which she convinced her grandmother I said she could wear!! Ahhh 3!! 🙂 I just had to share!

  • Laura says:

    We brush and look for characters in my son’s mouth… “there’s a dora, and a swiper and a backyardigan too!” dont ask me but it works and he let;s me brush his teeth for at least a minute and a half…

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Sometime in the 60’s,  it became  quite trendy  to shop at second hand/thrift stores  and make your own fashion/style statement.  When that happened,  I knew I was ahead of my time; since I had been making my own statements ever since my mother ‘stopped dressing me’ in Little Girl Outfits hand sewn ‘just for me’ by my father’s garment center workers.  Your little girls are throw-backs to the 60’s…I applaud their fashion sense.  And they won’t have to ‘burn their bras’…because I did it for them. 

  • ShallowGal says:

    I’ve thrown in the towel on clothing wars, but I do insist on dental care: my oldest actually needed a root canal at age 9 (Root canal / crown = $1000. Pulling a baby tooth = $120. Watching your 9 year old on vicodin = priceless)

  • Kate says:

    With an 8 month old with two teeth on the bottom, I guess I am behind in the game.  I was wondering when I was supposed to take him to the dentist to start with.  Too late I guess, so why bother now?
    Getting him dressed is torture on week days when I need to get to work, but a task I enjoy on the weekends when I have more time.  I’m sure it will become progressively more difficult as he gets older.

  • Alison Deli says:

    Amen sister about the getting of the clothing on to the kiddie’s bods. Even my mini-fashionista 12 yr. old hates to get out of pjs and into her trendy Abercrombie t’s! My troika of kids do love the teeth brushing however…I think that I scared the bejesus out of them with the fear of a cavity!

  • Blognut says:

    Good for you – let ’em wear whatever they want, they’ll blend right in with the rest of the world.  I happen to think bermuda shorts and a bolero jacket with a pair of CFM boots makes a perfect outfit for this time of year.  Don’t you think?

  • Robyn says:

    Bear LOVES to brush his teeth, being the little mimic that he is. (dental hygeine comment)

    You have SUCH a great outlook on which battles to pick with your girls! And, taking the pictures for future black mail is just genius.

  • And this is exactly how my daughter goes to school every day looking like a gypsy. When she got herself dressed yesterday it was in a long-sleeve leaf-print dress, pink bow knee-highs, and a backyardigans tshirt on top. “To look sooooo pretty.” And she was right.

  • kelsey kleiman says:

    Kelcey – Leila’s Dentist and family friend, Dr. Stern also told us that we should be brushing her teeth until she is 5…that she just won’t do it thoroughly enough. That lasted for a few months. Maybe now, its 60/40.

    Off topic…..LOVE the My City Babes slide show. Amazing kids! And again I wish I knew them better. Lets get together soon.

    (and, SJP’s bbobs look ridiculous in that shot, no?)

  • Miranda says:

    This is my first time commenting, not that I want the bag o goodies, but I have to say that my 2 year old boy Oscar has better brushing habbits then I do, I have yet to take him to the dentist…I’m scared, he’s terrified of doctors (because of a bad accident invovling a mirror two days before his 1st b-day) so I can’t imagine that he’ll be any better getting his mouth wedged open by a dentist, but he might surprise me. I think three times a day he asks to brush his teeth though, that’s way more then my once at night. I’m bad. Maybe I need the bag of goodies, for myself!! ha!
    I love this blog!!

  • Pam F. says:

    The brushing of teeth is a daily nightmare in our house as well.  The 8 year old (who should definitely know better by no) still does not brush his teeth for long enough.  The 2 1/2 year old doesn’t sit still long enough.  Needless to say that little tote bag would come in handy here.
    In regards to getting dressed, I respect my little girlfriends for being the individuals that they are!

  • Jean says:

    Letting my little one pick out her own clothes has made us all a lot happier and dressing goes faster!  She’s a bit mismatched most of the time, but at least she’s dressed.  The same goes with brushing teeth, as long as she holds one toothbrush, she’ll let me brush with another.  2 mins is a long time!

  • Chandra says:

    Having just gone through two (YES 2) gum surgeries I am now fanatical about my own tooth and gum care. I have even gone as far to by a Sonicare with a 2 min timer to insure I get in the full brush.
    Now I’m trying to instill good tooth care in my 20 month old, which can be….trying. This bag of goodies would be a great help!
    I also promise to donate some of the prize to my kids daycare, so other kids can benefit from the gift of good teeth!

  • Chris says:

    I have three sons.  The two older boys are easy when it comes to clothing.  They\\\’re both developing a sense of style, but are relaxed about it.  My third (and last) son is 3 1/2 and has an opinion about EVERYTHING.  He wants to choose his socks – EVERYTHING.  Makes me crazy!

    I think your girls are adorable!

  • Christine says:

    I allow my boys to ‘brush’ their teeth on their own for a little bit before I take my turn at doing it.  Also, Smart Rinse is awesome.  My 3 year old loves it!


  • Madmad says:

    Ay! I can’t even get my son to get dressed every morning – and he doesn’t have half as many choices as a girl (let alone two). I think you have the right approach, though!

  • Pauline says:

    i often wonder what my daughter’s preschool teacher must think of me as a mother when the class is full of manicured children in matching bows and then my daughter walks in… seriously.

  • can I just say I can’t believe Dylan is still into her swimcaps, I love it! My 2 year old is into dressing herself, like 100x a day now. Grrr…

    And teeth, seriously 2 minutes that’s like a life time. I’ll try. 

  • Lanie says:

    I read somewhere to play one of your kids favorite songs and have them brush their teeth till it is over.  This might result in the song no longer being their favorite. . .

    Love the pictures and the post!

  • Mrs4444 says:

    I floss every day!  As for the morning routine, have you tried getting them to choose their outfits the night before?  I hope you blog forever, because I cannot wait to see the amazing kids you are raising turn into amazing, unique, free-spirited women 🙂

  • Louis says:

    When my son first started blushing his teeth he did not do a very good job so I blushed his teeth for him for about 20 minutes and I never has to do it again.  No problem with his dental hygiene.

  • Jessica Bern says:

    there has been only ONE time where I sent my daughter back to her room b/c there was no way I was going to be seen with her in this particular outfit.  I long ago decided to choose my battles and the one that is over clothing is done. She won

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