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I have awesome gasoline luck.

Like the other day, I had to bring 4 month old Cash to the ER. He was projectile vomiting (yeah, sorry) and his doctor was worried he was getting dehydrated, so he sent me to the ER.

The gas tank was on empty when I got in the car. I drove 30 minutes to the hospital and 30 minutes back. Never once thought about stopping. Why? Because I hate stopping for gas. I was stressed about my baby. And because I’m pretty confident my car runs on oppressive humidity so I knew everything would be just fine.

In contrast, the very next night, my husband ran out of gas at the entrance to our gated community.

I tried to be supportive by asking things like… “Why didn’t you stop for gas before it ran out?” which surprisingly is not completely appreciated in this type of situation.

But I did bring him a gas tank and sat with the car while he went and filled it up.  I had two guys stop to see if I needed help which either means I’m still semi cute in my 40s or maybe I just looked like an elderly woman.

The next morning, Rick left for work and forgot something.

I know because he sent me a text that said,

shave hoops

I had no idea what it meant to shave hoops but I figured it was code for, “You are the most amazing wife ever. I don’t deserve you.” But it actually was supposed to say, “Forgot to shave. Oops.”

I hope CBS hired him for his journalism skills and heavenly hair and not his ability to remember to fill up a gas tank or shave.

Oh and Cash is fine! Don’t worry about that boy at all. He’s got some reflux but he’s just awesome. Sweet and adorable and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. What was I so worried about?! Five kids is a breeze. I mean, insane. But perfect.

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