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One of the most frequently asked questions when you have five kids is… “Do you and your husband EVER go out?”

And the answer is…. Yes! We go out almost every weekend – mostly because restaurants usually have very dim lighting and once you’re post 40, dim lighting is your dear dear friend.

We also go out because we love talking very loudly over even louder music.

And finally, we go out because it helps us remember why we like each other.

Kelcey and Rick date night

And I think it’s good for the kids too. They see mommy and daddy all ready to go out and they think to themselves, “Hey these two must really enjoy spending time with each other if they are leaving us. I mean, sure, they did have that quality time earlier today with the spirited discussion over who left the toaster oven on but I guess they want even more time together painting the town red.

(Why doesn’t anyone ever say that anymore? Off to paint the town red! I’m totally bringing that back. First bringing sexy back. Then that.)

The second most frequently asked question is… “How do you get anyone to babysit for 5 kids?”

It’s easy. You tell them you have 2 kids. And then once you are out, you text them, “Oh by the way, there are 3 more kids sleeping upstairs! See you in few hours!”

The truth is – it’s not all that hard to get a sitter at night.

Most of the job (other than the first hour) comprises of watching TV, eating food and sitting on a couch. There aren’t that many other job opportunities where you can get paid to do those three things at the same time. Trust me. I’ve looked on Monster jobs.

When we go out, I usually put my younger kids to bed before we leave so that only leaves 2 kids anyway. And my 7 and 9 year old are really good so it’s really like 0 kids. Bottom line: I’m paying someone to watch TV, eat food, sit on a couch and babysit 0 kids. Pretty much.

If I think I have a real pro on my hands, I will ask the sitter to fold a basket of laundry.  Any smart babysitter will fail miserably at this job, folding things into crooked shapes and mixing all the different sizes and items so it’s virtually impossible to put away. And then I will never ask her again.

Final most frequently asked question… “How do you decide who sleeps in  – you or your husband?”

If our 11-month-old sleeps until 10 am, we both do (this has never happened).

If our 11-month-old sleeps until 6:30 am, then whoever can pretend to sleep the longest until the other one groans and finally gets up, is the winner!

7 Responses to frequently asked questions when you have 5 kids

  • Honest Mum says:

    Yay! Such an inspiring post as date nights are getting fewer and fewer here and we only have 2 kids, although 2 kids who hate sleep are no doubt more of a handful than 5 who do! So important to find couple time though, am forwarding this to my husband! Thanks!

  • Becky says:

    I’ll totally babysit for you. I just need airfare and I’m there. I’ll even fold laundry the correct way.

  • beachgirl says:

    🙂 Love it!! I think you are a rock star that has the energy to get dressed up and out on the weekends..good for you for still painting the town red!

  • Date night is my FAVORITE time of the week! We go out every Wednesday and the kids have same babysitter and same meal every Wednesday (it’s called ‘skillet night’) so it’s turned into quite the tradition and kids tend to flock to our house that night for the all famous ‘skillet and babysitter’ tradition. The little ones were so excited a while back as they were watching an episode of ‘Dinosaur Train’ on PBS and the mommy and daddy dinosaur went out for date night just like THEIR mommy and daddy do! I figured if the dinosaurs are doing it, it’s gotta be alright! 🙂

  • Alison Z says:

    I started babysitting around 12 and man, those were the days. Put the kids to bed, and do exactly what you said! LOL! Then when I’d hear the car pull up, I’d sit up and act like I wasn’t laying down on the job. Good times!

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