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Up to this point in my life – I don’t remember ever wondering what to do with my arms in photos. But I’m telling you – one day you will wake up and have no idea what to do with those long, gangly things hanging off your shoulders while you’re saying “cheese.”

I just went to Mom 2.0 which is an amazing conference for female content creators to connect and learn from each other.  There are talented writers, photographers, authors, entrepreneurs and self made millionaires.  It’s inspiring and amazing.

And lots and lots of photos.

And I didn’t always know what to do with my arms to maximize “optimum arm attractiveness.”  I don’t know why I just put that in quotes but obviously it needed to be done.

If you’ve been watching celebrities for the last decade, then you are very familiar with the bent elbow. I think I first noticed it on Paris Hilton years ago.

And it’s still popular because here’s Megyn Kelly doing it in a new publicity photo for NBC.

So of course my friend Nancy and I did not shy away from this technique.

Of course, there is the danger of going “way too far right angle” demonstrated by this polaroid shot taken of us.

(I’m so ashamed to even wonder what Paris Hilton would think of that.)

Or my pal Lauren does her own variation called the “tip me over and pour me out” arm pose. You can see it beautifully demonstrated here.

When it comes to arms, it’s also great to have an accessory… like a cocktail. Looks at my friend Liz with Andrew Shue (YES, THAT ANDREW SHUE) at Mom 2.0.

See how her cocktail presents the most perfect arm bend!

Or if you have a swing on hand, that works too.

Don’t my arms look lovely, as I enjoy the fake spring air at this Best Buy suite at the conference! If only I could drag a swing around with me everywhere I go.

Or another idea… get arrested! Because sure, it’s a bummer to get locked up and have to beg your family for bail but your arms will look fabulous.

If getting arrested seems kind of exhausting, then one expert suggests something called the arm tuck (especially helpful during group photos where your arm can tend to just hang out in space like some weird, misguided appendage).

Here’s how the arm tuck works. You put your elbows at your side and angle your palms forward or behind the person’s back next to you.

My friend Wendi is masterfully doing this in the middle here…

Just so you know, we touched up our highlights before and after this photo. And if they ever do an all blonde remake of Charlie’s angels, we are obviously nailing the audition.

So to recap how to have fabulous arms in ever photo (except selfies because I can’t even help myself there), here is the easy reference guide…

  1. Bend elbows like Paris Hilton but you’re obviously way more glam than Paris Hilton.
  2. Find an accessory like a drink, a gigantic Pier 1 swing or Andrew Shue.
  3. Get arrested and handcuffed.
  4. Place arms behind your friends backs (not to be confused with talking behind their backs or stabbing them in the back which is something evil and completely different.)

Your arms never looked so damn good.

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