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You know I’m one of the last six people using a paper date book, right? Okay, there might be more than six of us but we are dwindling.

Every time I take out my date book, I feel like I should also take out my 8-Track Player.

But I like having stuff on paper. And granted, half the time I forget to actually look in my book which means I forget what I am supposed to do anyway, but if my phone falls in the toilet, at least I have a fighting chance of knowing that I have a meeting with my daughter’s teacher on Wednesday. You techy calendar people will have to rely on that fancy memory of yours.

I also like to read books on actual paper. Well, let me clarify. I don’t really read books but if I did, it would be on paper. I still prefer to read a paper newspaper, rather than online if anyone around here would let me have 3 minutes to do so. And I would totally watch TV on paper (if that was possible.)

Which is why I totally appreciated when a friend sent me this very funny video…

See? Paper is not dead.

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