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You know what I love about the internet?

I mean, in addition to porn.

Finding creative ideas.

Last week, I was in charge of decorating one of my kid’s doors for teacher appreciation week. I don’t know how teacher appreciation week works at your school but at ours, we bring something in every day.

Like first it’s flowers, then it’s fruit, then it’s $5 gift cards, then it’s BMW’s. I don’t know. Whatever they tell me to bring, I send it in.

Because these amazing teachers spend 6 1/2 hours a day with 20 children. I’d never last. By 8:47 AM, I’d tell the students that school was canceled due to my mental exhaustion at listening to them all talk at the same time and that they had to go home.

Given how hard these teachers work, I wanted my kindergarten door to look amazing but I had no creative ideas. So I just went on Pinterest and within in 2 minutes, I had a bunch of possibilities. And this is what I did. (Teacher’s name edited out.)

Minion Door edited

Before you start telling me that I minion’ed the hell out of that door (which clearly I did), I’ll share the sad news that I did not win the door decorating contest. Some other door was the big winner and their class got an ice cream party.

Strange how the parents put in their blood, sweat and construction paper tears and it’s the kids who are the ones eating the ice cream, right? The prize should go to the parent and be a 50 minute massage with Rex, the hot cabana boy.

Anyway, a few days later, I was staring down the 100th day of school. My kindergarteners needed to come to school with 100 things attached to their shirts and no, it couldn’t be stains.

Again Pinterest! And here I am, armed with a glue gun, attaching Skittles to t-shirts…

100th day of school tshirt

After 17 hours (okay, maybe a little less), they were done!

100th day of school shirts

Cute right? Although I’m not sure Harlowe’s shirt looks like necklaces (as intended) but my tween daughters really handled the design of that one so take it up with them.

The best part of these shirts is that  Skittles with glue residue makes a great school snack.

My next project is a homemade absolutely nothing. It’s time to put the glue gun down.

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