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1. There are HD channels?!

2. Attempted once to find the high definition channels but then got exhausted by the 500’s and had to take a power nap.

3. Rarely notice the difference between HD and non-HD anyway. Of course, I still can’t tell the difference between Amy Adams and Isla Fisher.

4. HD shows hog all the space on my DVR and then my DVR will cruelly delete “Chicago Fire” and leave on all 38 episodes of Disney’s “ANT Farm.”

5. A sharp focus is not always the most flattering. Just ask Barbara Walters.

6. High definition is too fancy. I like my TV gritty and old school. “The Love Boat” would have been way too flashy in HD.

7. I don’t watch sports which apparently are amazing in HD. I think I might have once watched 2 minutes of a basketball game in high def. Or maybe it was on the regular channel. Refer back to #3.

8. Feeling of solidarity among many women who can’t be bothered to watch or care about high definition television.

9. I would hate to miss the look of awe on my husband’s face when we sit down to watch a show together and he realizes I have not recorded it in HD. Again.

14 Responses to for my husband: reasons why i might not be watching TV in HD

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m so with you on this. The man will walk by when I’m watching something and be all “I don’t know *how* you can stand to watch like that.” Me: “……?”

    I mean it’s TV, and it comes directly into the house. Isn’t that magical enough? So, yeah, #8.

  • Sharon Weiss says:

    You ‘re right on. I have 128 shows stored on my DVR and I still have 28% space on my recorder. Who needs to see everyone’s flaws. Even non HD is better than the pictures used to be.

  • Personally I can’t tell the difference. I was advised that the Amplifier needs to be HDMI something’d so that the HD TV and HD DVD and DVR can something else with something in for good measure. And then I went and made tea.

  • Suzanne says:

    “Of course, I still can’t tell the difference between Amy Adams and Isla Fisher.”

    I’m with you on this one!

  • daphne says:

    Count me in on team — what’s HD? I was sold on the fact that individual snowflakes on nature shows will look amazing (oh, yes, and sports too…) but I’m with you — over 500 channels? I can’t even turn the stupid thing on anymore without kids’ help.

  • Princess Judy says:

    I got new glasses the same day the HDTV came into the house. I was amazed at the difference! The glasses made the whole world look sharp and in focus. The TV? So what?! Look at the WORLD!

  • Joanna says:

    So happy to know I’m the only one who mixes up Isla Fisher and Amy Adams… let me tell you how confused I was when Amy was pregnant with another man’s baby when I had just seen her at an award show with her husband and nobody was making a big thing about it.
    I also don’t see the difference but I do know getting all the way to the HD channels is exhausting and not worth it.

  • Paige says:

    I shouted with glee at #4. I do enjoy that my dvr will hold waaaay more content if I don’t record in HD.
    Power on sista.
    Oh, my actress mix up is Julianne Moore and Laura Linney. Ha!

  • God forbid I don’t want to pay the extra $2 on amazon for an HD movie. Men are so weird about HD. I agree it’s much sharper, but is that really so important? I was perfectly happy before the invention of HD. And don’t even get me started about 3D tv’s. That’s just crazy and I think they are phasing that nonsense out.

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