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I love late night TV. I love Jimmy. I love the other Jimmy. I love Conan. I didn’t love Jay Leno. I have a friend who loved Jay Leno. I almost had to end the friendship. We somehow weathered it.

Now comes Steven Colbert. I don’t know what to expect from Steven Colbert as he fills David Letterman’s seat but I’m intrigued.  His new show actually debuts tonight. Luckily, my husband flew up to New York to find out what he’s all about.

Yes, while I was driving our 5 children from Connecticut to Florida, he was hobnobbing with comedy royalty.


Now Rick takes comedy seriously. I think he was more nervous to interview Steven Colbert than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Colbert actually recognized Rick from his years as a cable news anchor. (Colbert is a former Daily Show correspondent and those guys watch a lot of cable news.)


See what I mean?

Anyway, Folbaum and Colbert started a bromance that seems to trump the Affleck/Damon love affair.  Rick brought a few gifts for his new BFF. They shot hilarious promos. And they even sang the news together…

By the way, Rick is still trying to convince his news director that “singing the news” is the future direction of television.

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