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Today was one of those days when stupid stuff kept going wrong. Like my 5 year-old accidentally  knocked over her lamp this morning and it went crashing to the ground, breaking into tiny pieces.

And somehow, I had not allotted time for “lamp clean-up” as part of our morning schedule.

And then we were late for school.

And then I lost my new Mac lip gloss after it took me forever to order it online.

And then naturally I started worrying about the 1918 flu epidemic.

When all this flu blah blah blah started, I was laid back mom, trying not to get wrapped up in the hysteria and then about 4 seconds later, I was frantic.

Must find flu shots for my family.

I called my children’s pediatrician. No flu shots until late October or early November.

I called our pediatrician from the city. Same story.

I called my local internist. No flu shots.

My former internist from the city.  Out of luck.

I felt like I had been sucked back into the eighties in a desperate search for Cabbage Patch dolls.

Then I called the pharmacies.  CVS had flu shots for anyone 9 years-old and up.  Just a normal flu shot, not the H1N1 vaccine which is responsible for all this madness. And nothing for young kids. But I decided to take what I could get.

So I showed up today at CVS and there were 60 or 70 people ahead of me in line.  There was nothing to do but wait endlessly in the hopes of eventually getting stabbed with a needle.

I called my husband.

“Save me,” I said.

“I’m sorry. Try to enjoy the alone time. At least you don’t have the girls pulling at you or fighting over something.”

Yes. Alone time. Standing between the Purell and the “Strap Perfect Bra Strap Solution”, I tried to embrace the blissful solitude.

And after 2 hours of waiting (yes, seriously), it was done.  I had gotten one of the coveted flu shots. And I felt momentarily cool like I had just snagged the Hermes red Birkin handbag on “Sex and the City.”

mama bird notes;

If you too are obsessing over the 1918 flu epidemic because it can’t just be me, here are some flu resources. Find A Flu Shot, Say Boo to the Flu and the CDC.

And for NYC area readers, I’m giving away 4 tickets to the Big Apple Circus. For more details and to enter, leave a comment at the end of Monday’s post. Good luck ladies!

38 Responses to flu shots are so in vogue right now

  • Peta says:

    Hey Kelcey, I’m taking my daughter back to NYC for the weekend…my 20-mumble-muble HS reunion. Can you post about some of the best things to do in the city for “ex-pats” are these days?? I am SO out of the loop……

  • Kirsten says:

    We had very similar days. My seven year old fell out of her bed this morning and oh my the drama and the bruise. Ouch.

    I went to Target to get a flu shot. However, there must not be as much panic here in California. There was no one else there and I was out of there in 5 minutes. My pediatrician had regular flu and H1N1 for all three of my kids.

  • Kathy says:

    OMG now you have me panicked..here in Germany we can’t even find freaking Vitamin C let alone a antibiotic so we are screwed when it comes to flu shots. I feel like I should walk around like people in China wearing a mask. Damn so jealous of your shot!

  • Stoneskin says:

    I have no idea what the Strap Perfect Bra Strap Solution is, what it solves, what the problem was and whether it could help you find your lip gloss. Worth a try?

    In the future you should include ‘lamp clear-up’ time in every day’s schedule.

  • if you cannot get the swine flu shot, you might want to consider getting regular flu shot as well as the pneumonia (can’t remember what it is called) vaccine Someone recently suggested that to me … I am looking into it since pneumonia is often what ends up being the dangerous part.

    Yeah our day wasn’t so hot yesterday. It’s all my 10 year old’s fault too!

  • TRACI says:

    A large Birkin has been on The Trifecta wish list, just under a white range rover, for 6 years now. Okay, 9. But whose counting. Flu shots are so passe. I rather enjoyed the 5 days of leisurely bed restriction I had last year when it struck me. Now, the kids, I get them vaccinated because it’s perfectly okay to be stuck inside while YOU’RE sick, but when you are confined for sick kids it turns into The Shining kind of moments. Y’know?

  • kristen says:

    the one time i got a flu shot, i was never sicker…so i’m really on the fence about it. but if i do get one, i’ll go to CVS like you…my daughter can’t get her flu shot until mid-November, based on her age. somehow i’m quite certain that my age would put me to the front of the line, eep!

  • christy says:

    Wow I’ve never gotten a flu shot and when my daughters nurse asked me if we were getting them this year she must of thought I was crazy when I said NO WAY. I might have to rethink this…it does seem kind of scary. But I guess I’ve been really lucky – never gotten the flu myself!

  • MN Mama says:

    I have found myself worrying a lot lately as well. I am trying to turn my fear to God so I find myself praying a lot.

  • Daphne says:

    They’re saying what we just had here was H1N1–it was very mild version, apparently, of what is to come. Hopefully the week we just logged of fevers etc buys us immunity for the next round.

  • erinb says:

    I can’t figure out why every year there is this flu shot shortage? Like it sneaks up on us? Is there someone we can write to let them know NOW that we will need the shot in 2010 too? So annoying.

  • jean says:

    I don’t have young children any more, but…I opt for keeping my immune system up via exercise, eating well, taking Emergen-C and Oscillococcinum by Boiron(homeopathic) if I start to feel any flu symptoms coming on…in case anyone is interested.

  • Nadia says:

    It seems like Everybody is having trouble finding out where to find flu vaccinations. There is a great site called Medtipster that helps you find flu shots in your neighborhood.

  • CMG's mom says:

    As someone who is home nursing a 6yo with probable H1N1, I say: don’t panic! It’s not all hype, but it’s also not cause for total alarm, although I’ve had my moments also.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    The only time I got flu-like symptoms; was the one time I got a flu shot. Won’t do that again…I wash my hands all the time and keep far away from crowds of people; I wear a mask in public and have myself body-wrapped in aluminum foil when I go out. So far a few people have tried to bake me in their ovens like a potato, but no FLU.

  • tracey says:

    Hmmm. Am I the only one who ISN’T worried about the flu this year? Ignorance is bliss, maybe?

    Crossing my fingers that neither the worry or the flu finds my family…

  • Yeah, I called today, too, but hey, I’m too late! Our doctor’s office is already out! Huh? Yep, they’ve ordered more, and I’m hoping the doses arrive before, you know, we all GET THE FLU.

  • Shana says:

    Curious: do you always get a flu shot every year or is it just this year with all the flu brooha? Because I’ve never ever ever had a flu shot (or had my kids get one) and now I am thinking about it. And it can’t be just me, right?

  • Normal flu – 13 out of 100 people get it. If everyone is vaccinated, 6 or 7 get it. So you can figure, what are the odds?

    H1N1 is a little more disturbing, mostly because it has been producing some very serious cases in otherwise healthy kids. That, in my opinion, would be the shot to hunt down. Also, it is made the same way the normal flu shot is made. If swine flu had shown up a little earlier, H1N1 would simply have been one of the strains used in the regular flu shot. So please don’t listen to Glenn Beck’s rants about the “dangers” of the H1N1 shot. He should be put in jail for needlessly endangering the public welfare.

    That’s my flu rant for the day.

  • I haven’t even thought about flu shots (because I’m just that AWESOME of a mom)… Is it even worth it at this point? By the time they’re available we’ll be leaving for our July beach vacation.

  • Aimee says:

    Lord I had to laugh at that Cabbage Patch joke! My poor Mom waiting 8 hours for one!

    As for the flu shot…they are MIA here too. The mist is available but I refuse it.

  • LT says:

    We are on the search for the flu shot for the twins. It seems to be even harder to find shots for under 18.

    What do you think about the Strap Perfect Bra Strap Solution? Great post!

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