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If you come to South Florida, you’ll immediately notice the driving is uh… very creative.

Like for example, if someone is all the way in the left lane and suddenly wants to get off at an exit, they will somehow skillfully drive across four lanes of traffic – while also avoiding a couch someone dumped on the side of the highway – and get off at their exit. It’s sort of impressive. And crazy.

There don’t seem to be a lot of rules on South Florida roads. And using a turn signal seems very optional.

Which is why I laughed when I saw this…

I mean how bad is the situation on Florida roads if someone is motivated to write that on their window?!

And then about 5 minutes after seeing that car, I got pulled over. What?! I’ve never been pulled over in Fort Lauderdale.

So what was my offense? NOT USING MY TURN SIGNAL. Yup.

I mean, allegedly.

Am I about to get a ticket for accidentally not using my turn signal because I was too busy thinking about a car that was promoting the need to use turn signals?

(I was trying to explain irony the other day to 7-year-old Harlowe and I think I may have an example.)

I started to apologize but then suddenly a teenager comes weaving down the street on a skateboard going the wrong way.

The officer shouted out, “You can’t skateboard there!”

And the teenager angrily shouted back, “Yes I can!”

And then they started getting into a shouting match. The officer suddenly turned to me and said – “You’re free to go!”


Yes, really.

Well, I know from watching cop shows that when an officer tells you, “you are free to go” –  YOU GO.

So I did. I couldn’t believe my luck. And with all my children in the car, I knew I had taught them an important lesson.

When you’ve made a mistake, pray like heck that someone else comes along that makes a bigger mistake so you get away scot-free.

Wait, no, that’s not it.

The lesson is… use your turn signal. Even in Florida.

5 Responses to florida roads are not for the weak

  • Judy P says:

    A couple of months ago I asked when turn signals became optional. Hubby said he had no clue but it was a problem…. and promptly turned without using one. He didn’t get pulled over though because we don’t have enough cops to patrol the roads so it really is anything goes around here unless there is a motorcycle cop around. They have zero sense of humor. They only tend to be out in spring and fall otherwise it is too cold/too hot for them. And they are predictable so if you do the same commute you know where to look for them.

  • Heather O'Keeffe Gardner says:

    I grew up in Sarasota, which at the time was 95 percent retirees. We used the term “eventual left” to describe the drivers who would float along in the right lane with their left turn signal on.

  • Franny says:

    I got pulled over for talking on my phone which I was holding in plain site in my left hand.
    Officer: “Do you. Know why I pulled you over?”
    Me: “How about YOU tell ME.
    Officer: (smile)
    Me: “Well I’m not going to say I have a body in my trunk if you don’t know that”.
    Officer: (smile ). Waiting…..
    Me: “it was the phone right? You got me…. Sorry”
    Officer: There is another thing I stopped you for also. When you made the right hand turn at the light back there, you didn’t use a blinker.
    Me: HOW do you expect me to put on a blinker with a phone in my hand !!??
    You are free to go . (Truth)

  • MN Mama (Kristen) says:

    Oh…. to be thankful for the teenager who was being disrespectful to the police officer. Is that the lesson? Always be respectful to adults. Thank you for sharing.

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