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So how is your vacation going you all?

Oh wait, I forgot you’re not on vacation. So let’s talk about mine!  We went to this adorable strawberry farm and there was this whole group of new moms there. They were so cute, each with their one little baby and obsessively talking about when to take away the pacifier.

I told them as long as they do it by junior high – they are totally fine.

I really can remember being that girl.

And then, at one point, I overheard the following snippet of conversation…

New mom #1 “So how big is a bridge table?”

New mom #2 “You know, the same size as a mahjong table.”

Now, I don’t remember saying that when I was a new parent. Or ever really. Might be a Florida thing.

Anyway, do you watch Parenthood? Every week, I sob through that show because I dread the day my kids start being total jerks to me and then abandon me for college. So I just want to personally thank NBC for making me stress about this years in advance.

Okay, I’d like to show you one of my favorite pics from the week.

It’s a sign from the pool at Rick’s parent’s gated community.

I don’t know about you but when I’m suffering from mad diarrhea, the last thing I think is, “Hey, I can hardly leave the bathroom. But let me try to get my suit on and hit the pool! Marco! Polo!”

And seriously, who would swallow the water after reading the diarrhea rule?!

Because it’s positively cruel to leave you with thoughts of diarrhea, let me post a few snapshots of my sweet children. (You know, the ones who will someday treat me like crap and then abandon me for college.)

mama bird notes:

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15 Responses to florida is fantastic. wish you were here!

  • Abby says:

    Hi kelc,
    I’d like to formally invite Harlowe to marry my nephew Murray for People Magazine’s 2034 issue. She’s a honey.
    xo Ab

  • Jenn says:

    The babies have grown up soooooo much! Harlow is almost the same as summer (face age… Chase still looks all noofy and baby-like).

    I was watching the Bunny doing something earlier this week and realised she’s all growed up now… at 3. *sob*

  • Lanie says:

    Love, love the pictures. So glad that the Folbaums are having such a fantastic time in Florida!

    Thank you for not leaving us with thoughts/images of diarrhea. Between South Beach, the strawberry farm and the pool was there any time for zumba? xoxo

    • Allison T. says:

      After that episode, my husband innocently walked in and I aggressively grilled him on our college savings plans for the kids. Clearly we’re not doing enough. Our 6- and 9 year old will be in debt up to their eyeballs because we haven’t done enough. (BTW- you just can’t sell me on Cornell over Stanford. Hello, winter? But I digress.) Yet I continue to watch. And weep.

  • Vaashti says:

    I love, love Parenthood. Its a weekly ritual: sitting in my darkened living room among unfolded laundry, red wine in hand, watching Parenthood and sobbing at my future.

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