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Do me a favor and ask my husband Rick how last weekend went because the poor guy literally drove from Fort Lauderdale to Connecticut and then flew home the next morning back to Florida.

Raging party weekend, right?!

He did it because he didn’t want me to drive the kids up north alone. Probably because I would have abandoned them in Georgia when they lost their shoes IN THE CAR for the fourteenth time.

And twice along the way, a stranger said to me, “Wow. I never saw a kid do that before.”

Of course they were talking about my 3 year old son Cash. First time, he dumped over an entire trash can in a restaurant.

Second time, he discovered the glorious joy of a high chair on wheels. Why does a high chair need wheels? It doesn’t.  But Cash realized these wheels enabled him to scoot around the whole restaurant instead of staying at our boring old table.

Along our trip, we tried to make meal tops at Chick-fil-A because they actually have decent fast food and always seem to have a play area.

At one of them, I got all my kids seated and then Rick and I sat down at a nearby table. A very sweet employee said, “Would you like me to push tables together so you can eat with your children?” Rick and I politely declined. “Our kids are fine. We can see them.”

Good parenting is all about making the right decisions.

We made stops in Savannah (where you must check out their very cool outdoor children’s museum) and Virginia Beach (where we spent roughly a million dollars to let the kids go on rides at the beach).

I don’t want to brag about the hotels we stayed at but this was the pool at one of them…

pool at hotel

I think it’s safe to say, No Diving.

After many hours of driving, we made it to my mom’s house in Connecticut.

Rick flew back and a few days later, I took my kids to Westport Pizzeria –  a place I frequented many many times as a teenager. It’s in a new location which felt weird but the kids seemed to really like it.

Especially Cash who immediately joined some guy at another table.


I think that guy is really warming up to him.

15 Responses to florida and connecticut are really far apart

  • Megan says:

    What a cliff hanger. I really wanted to see how the two people reacted to Cash joining them at their table. I adore his friendliness and his mobility in a highchair!

  • Kathy says:

    I agree! I wanted to see what the couple did after he joined them. And I snorted more then a few times reading this post!

  • Penny says:

    I copied your image about seating the kids at a different table and sent it to a friend with 4 kids, who loved it!
    And I also wanted to see more of Cash and his interaction with the couple!

    I love how you are filming him as he scoots-I’ve watched my 4 grandkids (currently ages 7,8,9,13) for the past 5 years, for 3 days every week. I’m pretty laid back and think they are pretty funny, so I have lots of pictures/videos of them as I watch what they are going to do before I step in. I don’t let them behave obnoxiously, but watching to see how far they could scoot a high chair? Right up my alley 😉

  • Steph says:

    Wow, you’ve written that Cash is very outgoing but this really proves your point! And, could he be more adorable. I, too, would love to know how his “visits” with the other restaurant patrons went:)

  • hokgardner says:

    I just drove four kids from Austin to Atlanta and then back again solo. We did it straight through both directions. On the way there, we took our time and took several breaks. Total travel time – 18 hours. On the way back I swore that we weren’t going to make any stops except for gas and bathrooms. Total travel time – 18 hours thanks to three different wrecks on the highway. We should have taken our time.

    But next year, my oldest will be able to help with the driving. Yipee.

  • Angi says:

    I try to sit at a separate table from my children as often as possible. The struggle is real, people! I was curious to see what that couple’s response was? Did you have to edit it out? Lol.

  • Kelcey says:

    I’m sorry I stopped the video! They really had no reaction since he had rolled over there about 15 times. They just sort of ignored him.

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