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Every morning in Florida, I’ve been taking the kids to see the amazing Boca Raton sites Starbucks. No, it’s not just about me me me. They get chocolate milk.

This is Dylan just before she drinks her chocolate milk.

This is Dylan while she drinks her chocolate milk.


This is Dylan after she is finished….


…..with a chocolate milk belly ache. I am her compassionate mama taking snapshots of the 1 minute transformation.

3 1/2 year-old Dylan loves her dairy, but she’s not so wild about wildlife these days. In fact, she’s in a full-on nature phobia phase. Bugs, squirrels, birds, dogs, lizards…. you name the species and Dylan is petrified of it.

Before I had children, I actually thought parents instilled these kinds of fears in their children. Make that misconception #329 I had before becoming a parent.

Well, I am absolutely confident that I have not been pointing out all the vicious killer squirrels at the playgrounds or telling mad tales about evil insects.

Nevertheless, Dylan has me on 24/7 animal alert and so on edge that I jumped out of my sweatpants when I saw a huge bull frog or a toad or something of that genre hopping around in front of my in-law’s garage. That thing should really be on a leash.

Meanwhile, things got so stressful with the girls’ incredible fatigue and endless hysteria, that Rick and I really started to wonder mid-week if we were part of some kind of hidden camera extreme challenge parenting show.

Gosh, I hope we win something good at the end.

At one point, Rick and I started fighting over who would get to go to Target ALONE. Turns out I got to go, but the kids were already in bed so my victory dance was a bit hollow.

Still, the quiet, expansive store stuffed full of bargains was exhilarating. We don’t have a Target in Manhattan so I’m particularly enamored with the place. Look at this skirt for 15 month-old Summer. See that price? $0 dollars. How’s that for cheap?


Ok… it was mismarked. Real cost: $9.99. Still a bargain.

Overheard at Target: A women was gabbing on her cell phone and I caught this tidbit, “She is such a plain Jane. And her hair? Just horrible. Horrible. I mean, you would never know she was married to a billionaire.”

I start to feel a bit sorry for this Plain Jane, being trashed right there in the middle of the girls’ department at Target. But then I remember that P.J. is married to a billionaire. So whatever.

Overheard the next evening at DD Flats, a restaurant and wine bar: The waiter at a nearby table says to his customers who are perusing the menu, “What looks good other than me?”

Really?! Com’on. Did he just say that?

I asked Rick to start using that line more often.

So back to our hidden camera extreme challenge parenting show. Turns out we did win something. Some incredibly cool moments like this…




and finally…


Thanks to all who made this Boca trip possible: Delta Airlines who gave Dylan a seat to pee on (and the flight attendants who helped me clean it up), Wendi and her fab family who brought Wii into our previously empty lives, my generous in-laws who offered up their beautiful home to us rent free (who knew a keg party with their neighbors could be so ragin’. Although those Boca police officers could have been a bit more understanding.), Aunt Marlane who babysat so Rick and I could go out and remember why we are married and Aunt Michele for eating all of Summer’s dinner and dessert (She did leave Summer the roll).

And a special thanks to Rick’s grandmother, Sylvia, who looks so damn marvelous that I’m thinking of retiring down here and picking up some card games.

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21 Responses to fierce times in florida

  • You know, once we were chased by killer mosquitoes on Assateague Island (the horror movie reference made me think of it). We were all screaming and running for the car, which must have looked pretty amusing to onlookers. Those salt-marsh mosquitoes are nasty!

    I think I'm a regular on that extreme parenting show – all I've won are some gray hairs and a case of nerves.

  • misty says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and you were my first early morning laugh. this is some funny stuff…

    that waiter, wow…

    And numbering your parenting misconceptions… I should have began catloguing mine as well. guess it's too late now.

  • susiej says:

    I wish I was PJ. I also wish I was down there enjoying that weather! We’re having a blizzard. Yes, those are incredibly cool moments (although, they look warm.)

  • wa says:

    Oh, the irrational fear thing is fun. Jack used to scream his head off at the mere sight of a housefly, which made our nature hikes sound like horror movies.

  • Kristen says:

    from the land of Target…. of we have freezing cold weather too but who cares? We have more Targets than I could go to in a day. Target alone is like a vacation to me.

  • Marie says:

    I'm a nature lover, but I am squeemish about creepy crawlies. I about died when Max and I found some worms outside. He was kissing them and hugging them and putting them on the swings so they could play. Sooooo gross!

  • Pam F. says:

    Kelcey welcome to the wonderful world of Wii and Target. You need to get to Wegman’s next. Oh the life of a suburban mom!!!

  • Jacki says:

    I had to giggle at the nature thing….Emma is so scared of spiders that she cries.

    And yes, places like Target and Walmart have great childrens clothes. I buy basics at both places.

    And don’t we all wish the only problem we had was plain-looking hair.

  • Buffy says:

    Nothing better at 4am while you’re stuck at work than those beautiful pictures and funny stories.

    What’s funny at my house is that the 2 boys (15 and 10) are afraid of nature things and my girls (8 and 1) will pick up every gross, nasty, icky thing and bring them to me.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful trip—I’m having to live vicariously through you…

  • Sara says:

    K –

    Is it bad that I find WAY too much humor in your painful stories???? Thanks for reminding us that we're all in the same boat….not the one with the bugs..the other one.

    We're glad to have you back in NYC!

  • Jennifer says:

    NO TARGET? Woman, you live without TARGET? Oh…wow. I didn't know it was possible…


    It looks like a wonderful time. Hysteria and chocolate milk tummies and all. Ahh.

  • Erin says:

    No Target in Manhatten? How do you survive? I am there at least twice a week. Not good. You probably have cooler stores in Manhatten. Glad you had a good trip and got to play the Wii, those things are addicting.

  • Melissa says:

    I don’t think i could live without a Target in my neighborhood. We just moved, and I have to drive into the city to get to one, and yet I am still there, twice a week! My husband thought it would end, but I just love a challenge…

    Glad you had a good vacation. I have to check out this Wii thing. I have no idea…

  • Lanie says:

    Target is definitely a good place – we walk up to ours (which can be good because I am then limited to what I fit in the storage space of the double stroller. . .). Glad that you had a good trip!

  • mp says:

    OK..that is my most favorite kind of milk..I use the fat free white version and let me tell you it is 1000% times better than skim milk.

  • Josh too can drink chocolate milk (he gets it when we go to Noodles) in 3 seconds flat. And then he doesn’t eat any of his dinner because he too gets a tummy ache…Love those beach pics…Looks like you guys had a fun vacation!

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