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I love the idea of a lazy, 1970’s inspired summer. Where kids pass the afternoons sitting on tire swings, running through sprinklers and eating ice pops on front porches.

Tire Swing fun

A time when boredom quickly gives way to fort building, messy art projects and neighborhood lemonade stands. And with no set bedtimes, there are hours to run around catching fireflies, playing cards and whipping up cupcakes (with lots and lots of toppings).

I love the idea of ALL of this.

But I can’t do it and there is no way I’m feeling guilty about it.


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One Response to Feeling guilty about putting your kids in summer camp? Don’t.

  • Paul says:

    You missed one important summer activity. When our family moved from a new build in Northern New Brunswick sitting on acres of land with forests,two rivers, ocean front, etc – we were concerned about the kids, 6 and 8 , adapting to their new suburban big city home. We had no idea of the entrepreneurship of our children. In the immaculate, landscaped suburban environment, there was not a rock to be found. Our son asked me to go down to the river – about a mile away, with him and his cart. We did and he filled his cart with rocks. Returning home he set up a stand out front and commenced selling rocks to the local kids. Depending on the size, he charged from 25 cents to a dollar. Every kid in the neighborhood rushed home to get money to buy a rock from the rock stand.

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