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My husband Rick is really an amazing dad. He looks forwards to seeing his kids. He loves spending time with them. And he can be with all four of them for about 3 minutes before his blood pressure starts to spike. But those first three minutes are very serene.

I decided a few weeks ago, that I wanted to make him one of those sweet, sentimental photo books. You know, pictures of him with our kids over the past 7 1/2 years.

I can’t believe we have been parents for almost 8 years. I mean, that’s like a decade if decades were a hair shorter.

Anyway, I knew Rick would love a photo book.

Obviously, I can’t show you the whole thing but here is the cover….

Okay, I got him shorts and a shirt from The Gap.

Honestly, I didn’t even log on to Shutterfly to begin the photo book.

But seriously, what says I love you more than double pocket cargo shorts?!

Nothing obviously.

After I lavished him with gifts, we took a time machine back to 1994 and went roller blading. I don’t understand why this sport has lost its luster. It doesn’t hurt your knees like running or your va-jay-jay like biking. Let’s all make a renewed commitment to do more roller blading.

And then we ended the day at the beach.

This is Rick’s serenity.

We love you. xo

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