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Sunday started like any other with me turning my head for an instant and Chase taking the opportunity to suck down Method wood floor cleaner like it was his first drink after a 26 mile road race.

I screamed.

Then got in immediate contact with some nice woman from Poison Control who assured that he only needed a little water since he swallowed an eco-friendly, chemical free product. Thank you Method for making my floors look so good and not sending me to the emergency room.

It was totally my fault since the cleaner was sitting in one of the random boxes of stuff that we carted over from our flooded house. I meant to put it away. But there never seems time to do everything.

Rick came home from work and we decided to go to the beach for a bit. And that’s when Dylan and Summer started sobbing because they absolutely did not want to go the beach.

Oh, and they don’t like to be filmed either.

But then the day took a delightful turn because…

1. We were at the beach. No floor cleaner in sight.

2. When we returned home, we sat in the driveway and made all four kids listen to “Jessie’s Girl” because it’s obviously the best song ever. Thankfully, none of them yet know what, “And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it” means.

3. Then I took Summer to a birthday party at a kids party place. One of the staff members was applying fake tattoos and she leaned over to the 4-year-old birthday girl and said, “Remember,  you have to wait awhile before you get a real one.”  I wonder if the parents of the birthday girl had to pay extra for such poignant advice.

Summer was apparently not in the mood to party because she was suctioned to my leg with a permanent pout on her face. I got so frustrated at one point that I angrily threatened, “GO JUMP AROUND, PLAY AND HAVE FUN OR YOU WON’T GET CAKE!!”

This parenting technique does not have a high success rate. It usually results in the child bursting into tears and the parent feeling very guilty for yelling at previously mentioned child.

But for some reason, it worked magic.

18 Responses to family sunday

  • Jackie says:

    She looks like her daddy in this picture. We all say and do things we later regret with our kids. It sucks but, we are human. You have a ton on your plate with the house situation and four kids. After the scare with Chase I’m sure any parent would be at their wits end.

    Here is hoping for a better day and week.

  • Becky says:

    Rest assured you do not have the only daughter(s) that act like that when you try to take them someplace fun! I have one too, oh and her brother joins in often as well! I just don’t get it!

  • When life is so stressful we do what we can to cope. My mother in law is in horrible shape from metastatic breast cancer and has been for the last year but is lingering on in a miserable way. I have found myself singing at the tops of my lungs to good old or new songs – even the XM LOVE channel- ewww. And the kids just look at me crazy sometimes and that is o-kay. You are under tremendous stress. So glad you are still writing. I blog about mine as well and it is so cathartic! Take care!!

  • With everything you have been through lately, I think you are more than entitled to lose your temper. Mothers are human too, but I must say, there are days when I say to myself, “did I just say that to my child?” Thank you for sharing….


  • Kim Ratcliff says:

    Your Sunday sounds a lot more PG-13 than mine.

    Check out the mean, profanity-laced anonymous note somebody left on our car yesterday…http://www.chigiy.com/laughing_at_the_ground/

    PS: Long Live Rick Springfield!

  • LT says:

    Thank goodness for eco-friendly cleaners, Jessie’s Girl and jumping. I think I have mentioned this before but did you know that Rick Springfield sings sings kids’ music too? No one will be dancing to it at ATII’s but I like it. xoxo

    P.S. I think the Phillies won too.

  • Daddy by Default says:

    Funny timing though, i just today put cabinet locks on Because our 10 month old has been gettin in there. That would have scared the hell out of me.

    As a side note, we use method wood cleaner as well, and it really does leave a nice shine. Also use the stainless steel cleaner and granite cleaner from method. Didn’t know they were eco friendly and drinking safe. Next time I’ll try them on the rocks!

  • Laura says:

    ahhh, Poison Control, my peeps. My daughter once ate a blue crayon– in her sleep, in the middle of the night. FYI: Always buy Crayola Crayons, those other brands– They NO GOOD.

    *so nice to see other people’s kids melting down, it’s truly comforting

  • Marta says:

    I love the photo of your husband singing along to “Jessie’s Girl” which is indeed an amazing song.

    Glad that despite it all, you had a great weekend. You know after the poison control, meltdown, and leg suctioning.

  • Vicki says:

    I know it’s not nice to revel in someone else’s crying 4 yr old but I laughed when I saw your video and said “OMG it really isn’t just me!!!”
    They don’t call it the f-ing 4s for nothing. I agree with vodkamom… you absolutely are a Supermom!

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