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I was recently out to dinner with two friends in New York City. We ate at Craft bar and then one of my friends said, “Let’s go to the Gansevoort.”

The Gansevoort is a swanky hotel with two locations in NYC… the meatpacking district and on Park Avenue.

Hotel Gansevoort Park Ave

This idea seemed a little insane because very young and beautiful people tend to hang out at the Gansevoort. And we are not exactly so young anymore. Although we still got that beauty thing (despite the occasional horrific selfie which I blame on very poor lighting.)

But in life, when something seems a bit insane, it’s probably a good idea to try it. So we headed up to the Gansevoort.

As soon as we got there, we saw the velvet rope. I wanted to immediately flee because I was afraid of this…

Knocked up at club

Remember in Knocked up, when Leslie Mann and the pregnant Katherine Heigl got denied entrance into a club? And ended up like this…

knocked up at club on curb

Yup, that’s what I was feared. Sitting on the curb in tears.

But inexplicably we pressed on.

There were some guys ahead of us in line. The bouncer explained that they would need to get bottle/table service to come in. That’s when you pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a table and a bottle of alcohol that would cost about $40 bucks in a liquor store. But hey, they throw in the mixers!

The guys in front of us apparently decided not to go for the bottle service and exited the line.

It was our turn. I considered giving the bouncer my best, “I don’t care if you let us in but you should because we are really super fun and I love your bouncer muscles and your super sleek suit and why don’t you just push that velvet rope aside and lets us in” look.

But instead I just smiled and said, “We’re here for a drink.”

And he said, “Come on in.”

That was it.

We took an elevator up to the bar where there was lots of people milling around and a rooftop bar that was closed for some reason. This was sad because it looks like this…

Hotel Gansevoort Park Ave roof top

We surveyed the scene, considered getting a drink and then decided we were done.

As we left, there was now a very long line of people behind the velvet rope. I can only imagine they were taking photos of us and posting them on social media with captions like, “Look at these beauties leaving! Are they celebrities?!! #NYC #Gansevoort #WhereIsTMZ?”

We headed to an Irish pub a few blocks a way. It was very chill and perfect. With great dim lighting.

We sipped our drinks and laughed about our evening. And we could take comfort in knowing… we still got it.

One Response to facing the velvet rope in new york city (when you’re not so young anymore)

  • Alex says:

    I want to know more about these “two friends” who were with you that evening. They sound amazing. And yes, girl, you still got it. Tons of it. You’re gonna be crossing those velvet ropes for years to come. Xo

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