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Yay! We love having 2 year old Cash at the table. He’s so cute and fun! He mimics everyone like a parrot.

Holy crap, he can reach everything.

He’s throwing plates and cups and silverware off the table.

Now the table has to be set like this…


That’s better! Sure, four of the kids are completely crowded on one end but at least everyone can eat in peace.

Uh oh. Cash thinks the table is a lazy susan. Now he just spins the table around to get what he wants. How is he so strong? Does he work out at the gym?

We are forced to immediately pull his chair away from the table to minimize the destruction.

But wait, what is he doing now? He is wiggling his body in such a way that it actually moves his seat back to the table all on his own. Honestly, this kid must work with a personal trainer. The core strength alone! Does he do pilates?

Okay, he is back at the table, once again spinning it around. I make a mental note to buy a heavier table. But in the meantime, Cash must be relocated.

He has now been moved to a seat at our bar.

Cash at bar

And yes, he sits alone but he is happy.

And yes, he is still throwing his plate but now it sometimes makes it into the kitchen sink.

Order has temporarily been restored.

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