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dylan-with-pigtails.jpgIt was a very exciting morning around here. 3 year-old Dylan was getting ready for her first solo sleepover at Bubbie and Zaydie’s (her grandparent’s) house. How fun! We load up her backpack, kiss kiss, hug hug and she’s out the door.

Me: Bye honey. (She leaves with my husband Rick who is dropping her off.)

Door Shuts.



1 year-old Summer is looking at me like I’m a jackass. For God’s sake woman, it’s only 24 hours and that neck pinching, chatter box, crazy girl will back. Summer has a point (if that is indeed her point – there is some guesswork involved here).

A night away from Little Miss Bossy isn’t such a bad thing. And she is BOSSY. For instance, every time we use a public restroom, Dylan wants me to look away and cover my ears so I can’t see or hear her pee. I’m like one of those hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys. THEN, and only when she has deemed it the appropriate time, I’m supposed to turn around and say, “Yay!” It’s all very carefully orchestrated by Miss Dylan, the porcelain goddess.

Dylan: I peed. Ok, say “yay.”

Me: YAY!

Dylan: NO. Too loud. Say it softer.

Me: Yay.

Dylan: Now clap.

Me: Ok that’s enough. (I’m not a trained chimp.) I’m proud of you. Let’s wipe and wash your hands.

So a little peace might be nice.

summer-with-hat.jpgAnd it is. Summer can’t believe she has the run of the pad and no one is tearing purses or baby dolls or wooden fruit out of her hands. For Rick and me, caring for one child (which at one time seemed beyond overwhelming) is now almost relaxing. There are no diversions. Just Summer. She seems to relish the attention.

Meanwhile, over at Bubbie and Zaydie’s in New Jersey, the girl who normally eats two bites of toast for breakfast, devours two waffles, an apple and a piece of challah toast in the morning. She is delightful. Perfectly behaved. No bossy girl to be found. Anywhere.

Before long (has it really been 24 hours?), our big girl hurricane is back.

But I must say, it feels good to be back in the storm. Below, a self-portrait by the regionally recognized, at times temperamental but promising young talent, photographer Dylan Reece Folbaum.


mama bird notes

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10 Responses to dylan’s excellent adventure

  • Jordana Bales says:

    I love the orchestrated potty time. Ava who is more interested in sitting on the potty than actually doing anything in it commands "Mommy, pee pee!" everytime she sits down. She's not doing anything, but Mommy has gotten quite adapt at peeing on command.

  • Kristin says:

    What a beautiful picture of Dylan – and she is smiling! I laughed out loud reading about the porcelain goddess. Were we this quirky when we were kids?

  • Nona says:

    Thank goodness my daughter is not the only one who insists on specific behavior from Mama!!

    I keep saying to myself that she will definitely grow out of it…. like maybe when she's 30? I hope it doesn't take that long!

    The sleepover sounds great! Would the grandparents be willing to host another little tempest in a teapot?? We'll pay the airfare….

  • Shannon says:

    Josh started sleeping over at the Grandparents house about six months ago. It proved to be such a super duper break for both of us that we made it a weekly thing…Saves everyone's sanity. Love Dylan's potty routine!!

  • Zaydie says:

    When my in-laws first asked to have the children stay with them overnight, alone, we were out the door before they could change their minds. I said to myself,"what were they thinking?" Now, after a role reversal, I know exactly what it was. Finally, time alone with the grandchildren without their parents. We've been fortunate to have had the pleasure of 7 year old Jacob and his little brother Brandon sleep over many times. But, last Saturday we had Dylan and her 2 year old cousin Reed for the first time. What a treat. If the experience of having a 3 and 2 year old sleep over by themselves for the very first time could be labeled as perfect, perfect it was. Can't wait for their little sisters to grow up to do the same. Bubbie and Zaydie

  • Tully's Mama says:

    When I have to take Tully with me into a stall, despite the battle to keep her hands to herself & not get infected with E coli from the walls, she likes to blurt out "mommy poopy?". When I reply, "no, mommy just goes tink tink". she quickly responds "mommy poopy" over and over. Usually there are the giggles but I hope they know mommy takes care of that business in the privacy of her own porcelain throne without a toddler on her knees. Well, most of the time.

  • Quinn says:

    Dylan cracks me up. Over Christmas she played a game with Erik where all she did was give him instructions on how to play. One instruction included "now, we hug." It was precious.

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