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We’re in Memphis visiting my sister and her family. The temperature is about 6 degrees warmer than New York so obviously we are applying a boatload of sunscreen.

Both my parents are here which is fun because I get to overhear conversations like this…

2-year-old Chase: “Nanny! I went poopy in the potty!! I went poopy in the potty!!”

My mother (AKA Nanny): “You want some manicotti? I don’t know. I have to ask your parents.”

2-year-old Chase: “I went poopy in the potty!”

My mother: “I know you want manicotti honey. I have to see if it’s okay to give you some. Boy, you must be hungry.”

I think Chase just finally gave in and enjoyed some delicious Italian food.

My mother also refers to tinfoil as “silver paper” because she’s just fancy like that.

Meanwhile my dad has a million baby name suggestions for my sister and me. Wait, hold on. Did I tell you my sister Quinn is pregnant? I know. She’s pregnant. I’m pregnant. We are like an O’Doul’s party train over here.

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman fly down a fire pole?

Kelcey on fire pole

There you go. (I know you can’t even tell I’m pregnant in that photo but I assure you I am.)

Anyway, my dad has suggested baby names like Sparticus, Rex, Roosevelt and Charlemagne.

Quinn and I are obviously fighting over all of those. I’m just psyched that my baby is due a month before hers so I can get dibs on Charlemagne.

My dad also likes William Robert for my son so he can call the baby Billy Bob.

Meanwhile Summer got some practice holding a friend’s baby down here…

Summer feeding baby Jack

Afterwards I said, “You looked so great feeding the baby! Was it fun?”

“My arm hurt,” she responded which I think is her way of saying she is completely jazzed for her third younger sibling to arrive.

I have to share with you the cutest pictures from the week.  Here are Chase and his cousin Matej wearing their matching Christmas sweaters…

Chase and Matej in tie sweaters

Now Chase is not a sweater boy and had no interest in putting it on. But because I thought my soul might die if he didn’t wear that ridiculously adorable sweater, I promised him a lifetime supply of M&M’s and whiskey to wear it.

And on our first night in Memphis, the twins both wanted to sleep in the same pack and play. And because Rick and I are easy going, I mean, too tired to put up a fight, we let them…

twins sleeping together in crib

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