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Remember when I couldn’t remember to feed 4 month old Cash? I finally remembered! Okay, not so much “remembered” as “outsourced.”

I have all these children. Why wouldn’t I put them to work? Well, it all went very well. Cash loved his oatmeal. And the kids loved feeding it to him.

You know what I didn’t exactly love? That very night, Cash barely slept. He cried most of the night, writhing around in discomfort.

Turns out, we went a little heavy on the oatmeal.

So if you are ever feeding a baby solids for the first time…

1. Feed in the morning (we fed him just before bedtime).

2. Make the rice cereal or oatmeal very liquidy (we made it super, stick to your baby ribs thick).

3. Only give the baby a little (I’m not sure how much we shoveled into poor Cash – heck, I was in charge of the video).

4. Don’t ask a woman with 5 kids for advice on feeding or child rearing. See above for proof.




14 Responses to do not do this when feeding your baby food for the first time

  • Penny says:

    I’m sorry for his poor little tummy, but that was the sweetest video!
    I would ask you for advice on child rearing anytime ( if mine weren’t already reared with babes of their own!)

  • It is sooo awesome that you can import your dad to do all this stuff. I pray blessings upon blessings on his head!!! And no oatmeal. Although… apparently it’s good for the hair… haven’t tried that one out personally, but when it happens, let me know what your dad’s opinion is.

  • Kerri says:

    It is so hard to not over-do it when they like the food!! Usually in order to check for allergies you intro 1 food every 4 days. Only give a teaspoon to start & increase each day as it is tolerated. If there are food allergies only intro 1/4 of teaspoon. Anything possibly anaphylactic…intro with a medical professional’s advice. Avocado & sweet potatoes are good first foods & bananas ( not too much as they can be constipating). Avoid pre-packaged baby cereal as it is highly processed stick to plain ordinary hot cereals! There are lots of varieties in the health foo sections. Just make them less thick with extra liquid. Breastmilk is still the perfect food & already comes “fully balanced” in vitamins & minerals!! Solids are just a taste & tolerance test for now & would not be able to replace the nutrients in breastmilk! Oh & by the way, when you have older kids they are so helpful, but when you cannot figure out why baby won’t nurse, ask them if they fed the baby anything. This applies when baby is a wee bit older. You may discover you older on shared their food with baby ( he “only” ate 1/2 of my apple sauce)!

  • beachgirl says:

    Okay…I think you could make a killing doing a reality show – you have to…go on!!!my son made me play this clip over and over until I told him my laptop was broken!

  • Emmy says:

    When we first stared feeding my daughter baby food she would only eat if her brother fed her, he was only 2 1/2 at the time so it was quite a messy ordeal but she seriously only wanted him to feed her.

  • Angie says:

    This is SO sweet!! Love Dylan’s sense of humor – “now he’s driving a car!” 🙂 I hope Cash’s tummy is feeling better, poor kid! Xo

  • Steph says:

    omigoodness poor little tummy. the sweetness of your children with Cash is so precious. is it wrong that I want to see a video of them squabbling/throwing a tantrum?

  • Shanna says:

    I mean, honestly. Those kids! Too flippin’ sweet. Little Harlowe clapping and smiling- what a doll! It sounds like the move has been hard, and adjusting to *shiver of revulsion* Florida takes time, but hang in there and keep posting your wonderful stories. I always feel lightened after reading your blog. Thanks for lifting my spirits!

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