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The Disappointment: Prince Harry is coming to New York City later this month and his royal handlers aren’t letting him savor the New York City nightlife. After his polo match, he’s on a red eye right back to England.

Now what is the point of having red-headed bad boy Prince Harry come to the city that never sleeps without a fabulous, salacious, front page tabloid story about his late night shenanigans? Absolutely no point. Stay home Harry.

The Shock: A 66 year-old woman in England has been impregnated using a donor egg and donor sperm. As if motherhood isn’t tiring enough in your twenties, thirties or forties. And it just seems irresponsible. That child will be parent-less so early in life.

Now 44 year-old Sarah Jessica Parker having twins with a surrogate? That sounds fine. She’s in her forties, perfect and she’s married to schlubby Matthew Broderick, so give her twins, damn it.

And The Awe: My father seems to constantly be trying to worm his way onto this blog. Like a few months ago, we went to the movies and afterwards he said, “So will this be on the blog?”

“What exactly Dad? That we went to the movies? Umm… this is the thing, I need a hook. A funny hook. A bit more than I went to the movies with my dad and the floor was sticky and we got some popcorn and walked home. You know?”

Well, this visit the guy brought his A game.

Because my girls wanted to play dress up and convinced my dad to wear this…


And then let us take a picture.

My dad insists he’s still straight even though he clearly knows how to properly tie a pink silk scarf.

Well, there you go dad. You’re on the blog. I imagine you’re very happy. Cute top by the way.

mama bird notes:

Contributing mama Erin Butler has written a beautiful piece about motherhood and the loneliness that can come with it. Click on contributing mamas to read more.

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