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At 8 months, the twins have finally started sitting on their own. Well, Chase sometimes still falls over. But that’s the downside of having a big head. The upside is obviously… hmmm…. I’m not sure the benefits of a big head. I guess one might be that your sisters call you Chasey Big Head.

Anyway, with both of them sitting, it’s time to transition them into high chairs. So we head to the basement and find our high chair which is in perfect condition…

except we can’t find the legs.

I mean, it you’re going to store a chair – don’t you keep the legs with it? I don’t get it.Β  Where are the legs?

This chair will be perfect for Chase when he has a traditional Japanese dinner in our tatami room.

But since we don’t have an actual tatami room (although certainly a must if we decide to renovate), we invested in some new high chairs…

If you know anyone in the market for a legless high chair, you know where to send them.

P.S. I don’t actually let my 8-month-olds eat pretzels and cheese duckies as this picture might suggest. They just like the bags. Please don’t tell me they shouldn’t be chewing on the bags.

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