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When I lived in Montana for a year, I ate a lot of beef jerky.

Mostly because I had to drive 3 hours to Missoula for sushi. And in a state with more cows than people (true), dried beef was easy to find.

I actually liked it because it was chewy (a lot of bang for your buck!), low fat and had lots of protein. And now according to Consumer Reports, we are having a “beef jerky renaissance.”  I think this may be the first time “beef jerky” and “renaissance” have been used in the same sentence.

And companies are now marketing the product to women. Why didn’t I invest in this 15 years ago?! I was probably too busy chewing.

I really love this funny clip of 2 anchors trying different kinds of beef jerky.  One anchor is Arthele Neville and the other one is a guy I’ve seen roaming around my house in his pajamas, wondering why we are out of coffee and how come the kids are fighting over stupid yummy key chains.

Man, I need a job where I can eat beef jerky all day!

mama bird notes:

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