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Is there seriously anyone on the planet who doesn’t love Judy Blume?! Because if there is – I’d like to meet them. Just to find out what is wrong with them. Because Judy Blume is the definition of a national treasure.

She’s also one of those people that you have to say her whole name every single time you refer to her. I don’t know why. It’s just the way it is.

I adored Judy Blume’s books as a kid and I’ve loved reading them to my own children. We were just in Key West and we found out that Judy Blume has a bookstore there. In fact, she’s lived in Key West for more than 20 years. My 10 year old daughter Summer asked if we could go to the store and we said, “No, we’d rather go on a booze cruise.” Ok, kidding. We said, “Of course!”

All I really wanted from the visit was to get in and out of Judy Blume’s bookstore without my nearly 4 year old son doing some major redecorating. And by redecorating, I mean destroying.

Judy Blume’s husband was there and before we knew it, he called his wife Judy Blume and she was coming over to the store. JUDY BLUME WAS COMING OVER TO THE STORE. Do you think her husband thinks to himself – holy crap, I’m married to Judy Blume! Probably. How could he not?

So how do you prepare to meet the amazing, iconic Judy Blume?! While we waited, I read to my kids because they asked me to and because wouldn’t Judy Blume be impressed that I was giving my children the gift of literature and learning.

Within 15 minutes, she had arrived. JUDY BLUME HAD ARRIVED.

We loved chatting with her. She was so chill. And mild mannered. She doesn’t write books anymore, instead runs her bookstore. As she put it, “Fifty years is long enough to write books.” The woman is 79. She looks damn good.

Cash got to hang with her a bit and I can only assume he was bragging about how he had not destroyed her store.

We talked about one of my all time favorite characters Fudge who is utterly obsessed with money (just like my son Chase). The character is based on her grandson who like many children thought the way you get money is just from going to the ATM. Who needs a job? Money just comes out of that machine!

It seems like everyone had a Judy Blume story. A certain book. A specific character. A moment in life.

This is now my Judy Blume story.

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