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Today I told my 2 ½ year-old to stop sweating the small stuff. As you can imagine, it did not have a great impact on her latest meltdown. She was terribly upset over the fact that our lab Martini had grabbed the top of our water bottle and was using it as a toy as she pranced down the hall. Of course by the time I recovered the bottle cap, it was chewed and crushed and pretty much destroyed. This caused my daughter Dylan to immediately become hysterical. So I tried to explain that in the great scheme of life, it just didn’t matter and there would be a million (or at least thousands for sure) bottle caps in our future and they would all be shiny and perfect and fabulous. Of course, she kept crying.

I kind of understand where she’s coming from. I am definitely one to stress over and attempt to fix the little stuff. I am a stickler for details and I just love things to be perfect. Look, some things are worth fixing. We bought a rug a couple of years ago for our kid’s room that refuses to stay flat. The thing loves to bubble all over the place. I tried to live with this rug. Really, I did. But one day, I realized that life was too short to live with a bumpy, defiant rug and goddamn it, I was going to replace it. I seriously sleep better at night now.

But sometimes in life, there is so much big stuff going on, you just have to let go of the details for a while. Like this past month, an old friend of mine died of brain cancer at the age of 36. For most of his life, Steve Higgins didn’t know he only had a short time to enjoy his friends, his wife, his family, sunny days with no humidity, watching a movie or eating at a great restaurant. One day, it was just all over. So in the spirit of remembering this funny, sharp, authentic guy, I am going to try to worry a little less about the dented bottle caps when they come along. Because I’ve realized that most of the advice I pass on to my toddler, usually serves me pretty well too.

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  • Susan Kintner says:

    Thank you mama bird. A wonderful reminder today about appreciating the miracle of just being alive and to honor but not focus on or get obsessed with and possessed by all of the "chewed bottle cap demons" that love to take up residence in my mind. Blessings and love…sk

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