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Right now my 7-year-old’s mouth looks like the states of California and Texas are coming in up top and down below… it just looks like it could get expensive. Like the kind of expensive where I don’t get my future trip to Paris.

So far, Dylan has lost 6 teeth and she’s started to treat the Tooth Fairy like her own personal pen pal.

For example, Dylan recently left a note under her pillow inquiring what to do about an adult tooth that is coming in before the baby tooth has had a chance to fall out. She could Google it but she’d rather go directly to the source.

Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy wrote a note that night and calmed her fears about the situation.

And then Dylan wrote this one when she lost her most recent tooth…

Just in case, you’re not fluent in first grade prose…. Dylan has reported her tooth lost. She’d like the Tooth Fairy to find it. She would also like the Tooth Fairy to bring something for her sister Summer because Summer hasn’t lost any teeth yet and is sad. AND she would also like something for 20-month-old Harlowe because Harlowe lost a tooth last year in a little accident.

I mean, that’s it?! Dylan doesn’t want a new Mini Cooper too? Or perhaps a pied-a-terre in the city?

There is no mention of poor Chase. It’s a girls’ world buddy.

The Tooth Fairy brought nothing for Harlowe (which thankfully went unnoticed), Summer a $1 bill and Dylan a $2 bill. In full disclosure, that’s the same exact $2 bill that Dylan got the last time a tooth fell out. The Tooth Fairy must have been a bit short on cash and did some recycling but I’m sure she has every intention of making up for it the next time around.

At 6:50 am the next morning, I started getting poked and it was Dylan who was quite upset.Β  I rushed into her room, thinking we must have put the wrong bill under the wrong pillow but everything seemed in place.

“Where’s my letter? She just left money! There’s no letter. Where’s the letter?!!”.

“Dylan sweetheart, I’m sure she was busy and didn’t have time to write. She was probably watching The Voice. She’ll write next time. Enjoy your cash. Now I’m going to go lie down for 9 more minutes.”

Dylan’s love of correspondence has me a touch concerned that she might turn into one of those gals who marries a prison inmate after a long letter courtship, but it’s probably too early to tell.

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