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My husband Rick has been throwing a lot of this around the house…

“You know I have dance rehearsal today, right?”

“Did I tell you that my choreographer is performing in Mary Poppins?”

“I might be late tonight because I’m meeting with my choreographer and dance partner.”

Okay, just relax for a moment Gene Kelly.

As I’ve mentioned, Rick is in this Dancing with the Cherry Hill Stars fundraiser to raise money for his high school. I don’t know who the other stars are but I can only assume that they too have fancy choreographers like Katie Nanni.

I’ve seen secret video of Rick and his partner practicing and they are actually quite good. I say “secret” because I’m not allowed to post it here. He doesn’t want to tip off the competition because obviously all the Cherry Hill West High School stars are combing through my posts to try to discover Rick’s dance moves.

But somehow (mostly through my FBI and PTA sources), I have gained access to actual photos of their practice session.

Here they are….

I’m just guessing those reflectors on Rick’s pants are to keep him from getting hit by a car in the dance studio.

Of course, I immediately asked my husband, “Why are you wearing leggings?”

And he informed me, “They’re running pants.” But now I’m just calling them his safety dance pants.

Last year’s winner in this dance-off? Bobby Chez of Bobby Chez Seafood Specialties. He seriously sells like the most awesome crab cakes ever.

It’s hard to compete with that kind of star power.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. May you spend it with someone you love and in lieu of roses and lingerie, I hope you receive chocolate, a gift certificate to your favorite clothing store and an autographed photo of Justin Bieber.

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