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Over the weekend, I was nervous about two things…

First, Rick had called from his dance rehearsals to say he was having trouble doing one of the lifts with his partner. Thankfully I remembered Jennifer Grey having the same problem with one of her lifts in “Dirty Dancing.” But at the end of the movie, she nails it so I told Rick not to worry.Β  He should just shout out, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” to release some stress and he’d be fine.

My second source of anxiety…. I was about to drive to New Jersey with our 10 month-old twins (Rick and the girls were already there) and what if I had to pee? I couldn’t possibly drag two babies into a bathroom stall with me. So I did what mothers everywhere must be doing, I packed a Tupperware container so I could pee in the back of the minivan in case of an emergency. Isn’t that why they installed the darkened windows anyway?

With the those two problems solved, I headed to Cherry Hill, New Jersey for the Dancing with the Stars competition.

Here’s Rick before the dance off…

I know I’m his wife and all, but I’m telling you he and his partner Alexis were fantastic. Seriously. No problem with the lifts which proves that my “Dirty Dancing” therapy worked. And I’m not the only one who thought he was good.Β  Because here’s his trophy for winning!!!!

It’s a beauty! I can’t wait to baby proof it. And here is some very mediocre video of the dance. It looks as if I shot it standing on the moon. I will attempt to find you clearer, closer footage. But for those of you who feel like squinting for the next 4 minutes, enjoy!

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