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I don’t know why we waste our time texting friends. We should be accidentally texting strangers. This is what happened when a dad accidentally texted the wrong number about the color of his daughter’s room. (Sorry for the profanity below but when discussing room decor, things can get HEATED.)


And then because sometimes life is really awesome, he actually sends him a color swatch….


So at this point, I’m thinking… DUDE, YOU CAN NOT PAINT A WHOLE ROOM THAT DARK. And guess what? So is the stranger!


Woven together = wicker.


It’s like he has hired a decorator! And he’s good!


If only we could see an “after” shot of baby girl’s room. You know it’s so tight! Anyway, the next time, I’m looking for decorating advice, I’m just randomly texting numbers. So everyone out there should be prepared to discuss carrara marble.

(This text exchange was originally posted anonymously on Imgur.com. Images from Somecards.com)

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