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michael-cera.jpgWell, I’m quite relieved I’m not the only one crushing on “Superbad” and “Juno’s” Michael Cera. Not in an “oh my god you’re almost 40/ Mrs. Robinson kind of way” (well, maybe a tidbit of Mrs. Robinson). But more in a he’s so damn talented and I just loving watching that charming, awkwardly attractive kid on screen. My favorite Michael Cera quote from Juno is “You would like be the meanest wife ever.” Wait.. WHY is that my favorite quote? Hmm…

Note to my husband: Don’t even think of commenting.

Note to self: Reflect on subconscious meaning during my next ashtanga yoga class.

My yoga instructor caught me daydreaming like a 10th grade space cadet in class the other day. So he says, “focus on the breath.” Yoga dude, that is so not the way to motivate me to pay attention. Tell me to focus on the sexy football coach Eric Taylor from “Friday Night Lights.” Now I’m with you. Focus on chocolate croissants. So super yum and only 15, 832 calories. But the breath? You lost me at inhale. Oh-so-tediously boring. I’m a pitiful yogi.

I am, however, the master of 1 year-old Summer’s mattress. It all started with a major poop-a-thon in her crib. A nasty number 2 that leaked out of her diaper and then she wiped on her face, body and sheets. It reminded me of this style maven blond toddler I used to know (she relocated to the Golden State) that loved to undo her diaper and have a fabulous bm party at nap time. Finally, her mother had to duct tape her diaper on before naps. What a genius mama.

So clearly, I had to wash Summer’s sheet and mattress cover. Easy enough. THEN I had to put it back on. What the F*&U#! I was panting and heaving and sweating trying to stuff that mattress back into its cover. I put it on four separate times but it always looked wrong, never lying flat with weird bulges.

Summer is crying the entire time because she wants to climb ON the mattress while I perform this unscheduled aerobic activity. But I persevered and (despite some obviously inappropriate outbursts) got that stupid foam mattress in that even stupider cover. I am the champion! Of a toddler mattress! Go me. Go me. Ok, it sounds way less impressive now that I write it down.

Apparently, things go much more smoothly when my husband Rick is in charge. I came home from dropping 3 year-old Dylan at preschool the other morning and I hear how Summer took her FIRST step and made these AMAZING, hilarious fish faces. How long was I gone? Did she learn to read the New York Times too?! Oh, just the NY Post. O.k. now I don’t feel so bad. Well, I conquered the mattress. Yeah, that was all me boyfriend. All me.

And I’m probably really late to the party on this one but did any of you see the clip of Michael Cera getting fired from Superbad? I’m sure it was just an internet marketing ploy but still tremendously entertaining. Click here and tell me what you think. Also, details to come on the new mama bird Michael Cera fan club. You know I’m kidding… right?!

mama bird notes

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12 Responses to crushin’ for michael

  • jennifer says:

    Michael Cera lovin' mamas –did you used to watch Arrested Development? MC character was named George Michael and he was really good. A crazy funny show, loved Will Arnett too…

  • Alex says:

    LOVED Arrested Development. Totally hilarious. A friend of mine from high school, Tony Hale, was on that show. My favorite is Jason Bateman, though. I have a big crush on him….an appropriate 40 year-old crush. 🙂

  • franny says:

    Loved him in Juno (did everyone see the Hebrew alphabet on the back of his bedroom door? Who says nerdy Jewish boys don't score?) Superbad comes to my daughter's netflix soon and I can't wait to catch up with all you cool (young) Mamas!!! Happy New Year to all the Mamas out there!1

  • Kristen says:

    I have a little crush on Coach Taylor. Todd and I love the writing on the show. We just laugh at Coach Taylor and his wife. Sometimes they take stuff right out of our lives.

  • rachel says:

    Loved today's post Kelc! Good work outta you- beating down that friggin matress cover- you show that bad boy who's boss.

  • Sharon says:

    Welcome to the club. Once you've had to clean up from a poop facial or a redo of the nursery walls with poop brown you have officially entered the mommy club. And I do remember those crib mattress covers being A SOB to put back on the mattress.

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