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This week, a lot of online moms were writing about guilt. I meant to write something but then I just got lazy or I forgot or something. And now I feel guilty. Maybe I should write about irony instead.

15 month-old Summer is on day 5 of this nasty stomach bug (I can actually feel all you mamas nodding in that, “Right, BEEN there sista” way) and she pretty much just cries and cries. The only guy or girl in the house who can cheer her up is that Elmo. So, of course, I feel guilty that I’ve been letting her watch too much of that.

3 1/2 year-old Dylan has been quite a trooper about all the wailing around here. She wore pink, fluffy ear muffs on the way to school to drown out Summer’s sobs. I’ve never seen her bounce quite so quickly into her class, with barely a kiss goodbye.

Since we’ve been stuck inside a lot because of sickness and the cold, I’ve been trying to come up with some art projects. You know the ones…

Set-up and clean-up: 45 minutes.

Actual entertainment time: About 15 minutes.

We made home-made play dough which turned out great, even though I did not exactly have all the ingredients. So a week or so later, it started getting very runny (maybe you do need that cream of tartar). Since I normally have a propensity towards being a bit of a neat crazy freak, I decided to stand back and let the girls just have fun.


Umm… Ok… play dough time is so OVER. I wiped and scraped and actually dismantled that activity table to get it clean. And there were casualties…


Like Grover. And…


our stomach virus relief pitcher Elmo.

Ok, let’s try Easter egg painting! That’s easy enough. It comes with a kit! Who doesn’t love a kit?! We’re coloring and painting eggs. This is fun.


But then Dylan goes all goth on me.


Oh dear… I only turned away for a few minutes. What happened to the pretty pink and purple eggs? Da’ Easter Bunny ain’t down with that Dyl pickle. Two days later, Dylan’s fingers still look like she works down at the garage part-time replacing people’s hubcaps.

So today, we decorated Easter cards. To my sister Quinn: Dylan got a tidbit creative and yours has a certain unabomber quality. Please know, it’s just a happy Easter greeting.

Tomorrow’s activity? Steaming broccoli. Dylan, who decided that she now likes broccoli (really?), came up with the idea at the grocery store.


Here I am, banging my brain, trying to come up with art activities and all my daughter wants is some crudité. I really just need to follow that girl’s lead.

19 Responses to crafty girl

  • Jennifer H says:

    Things go just about like that when we decorate Easter eggs at our house. Whose idea was it, anyway, to decorate eggs? Must have been a man.

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  • Dylan is wearing a white sweater during the dye-ing. What were you thinking?

    The cream of tartar does make a difference. Your playdough looks to be of a much messier consistency. I order my c of t in bulk from the Atlantic Spice Company (really).

    That last comment makes me look sort of weird. I think I've been doing this job too long.

  • Tara says:

    So happy that my kids' teachers do those silly Spring crafts in school with them. When i saw that we had to send in hard boiled eggs to school, I was jumping for joy! No mess for me…yeah, I'm a neat freak too!

  • wa says:

    Dyl pickle…good one.

    The only reason I put my boys in preschool is so that they can do arts & crafts there & not in our house where we can't hose off the floor.

    And never EVER buy that Moonsand stuff. Trust me.

    (Hope the tummy bug goes away soon.)

  • mp says:

    The spam thing..is really hard to read. I had to click through 6 of them before I could figure out what they both were. Now I'm still not sure..but i totally understand the reasoning.

    You are a brave woman w/ those crafts OMG… I like to turn on the TV and leave the crafts for school..I didn't even like crafts as a child. Coloring books are as far as I go 🙂

  • ErinB says:

    WHOA! Its like day camp over there with all those craft projects..you get bonus mama points this week. May veggie steaming go smoother!!!! Hope little Summer is feeling better soon for all of your sakes! xo

  • Don't feel guilty. I let Josh watch hours upon hours upon hours of videos when he was sick. There is something to be said for survival mode.

    Crafts around here take 45 min to set up followed by the same 15 minutes of interest followed by 60+ minutes of clean up. We are good mommies for trying.

    Wishing lots of get well, chicken noodle soup vibes to Summer and a fabulous weekend for all – and a bath for Elmo and Grover! Too cute!

  • nap warden says:

    Oh no…My team and I all had the stomach flu a week ago. The whole house was miserable. All we did was lay in front of the TV…Don't feel bad about that…Kudos to you for coming up with projects:)

  • Milena says:

    I loved the Herman Munster hands. Next time, sit them on the floor right on top of a plastic picnic cloth (the kind you can buy for 1.99 or so at most major party places. If they are finicky about sitting on the floor, cover that cute little table you had to take apart with a cut open and then taped upon the table trash bag. I spend some time of during my weekends preparing those (nah! just kidding) and then swaddle the girls in a big apron each. Voila! No mess, easy clean up and I do know this does nothing for that hand problem you suffered with Dylan but I surely will think of something that does not involve uncomfortable gloves. I loved the photos you posted.

  • Jessi says:

    ugh – didn't see the words below to type and I lost my post. I'm also tired of the spamalot – sorry you got hit with it too.

    I love Dylan's style with her nails…we should have dyed eggs today at the latest so the kids's hands have one more day to clean up before Sunrise Service on Sunday. But yet we will do it tomorrow.

  • MiniMoi says:

    Oh no! I know that TV/guilt combination all too well. Our daughter became a TV addict in the week that she had the flu. In a week! How is that possible? She keeps pointing at the TV and shouting "more!".

  • Valerie says:

    This made me laugh out loud several times. I share your pain about the craft projects, and one person's advice about the moonsand — moonsand is definitely an outside product (we learned that the hard way). I can't believe you tried to make home made play dough!

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