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beyonce“Ever since the Super Bowl, I’ve been kind of depressed that I don’t look like Beyoncé,” I say to my husband.

“I’m sure you’re not alone! There are probably a lot of women out there who wish they look like Beyoncé,” he replies.

“Seriously? That’s your response? Do you want to try again?” I ask.

“You look exactly like Beyoncé!” he says.

“I’m a pregnant, 40 something white girl.  I don’t look anything like her. Try one more time. I know you can do this.”

“I think you are as gorgeous as Beyoncé.”

“Oh that’s sweet. Thanks honey.”

mama bird notes:

I’m lucky enough to have a new gig writing for Alpha Mom. This week I wrote about how often kids REALLY need a bath. Check it out here.

Photo Credit: Image by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images


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