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One of my favorite pastimes (and this is pathetic by the way) is sitting down on the couch after a long day with the kids, eating Tasti D-lite (touted as All Natural but can’t possibly be true at less than 20 calories an ounce but I choose to believe it’s all natural anyway) and watching bad TV. Yes, I have other more respectable hobbies like yoga and skiing. But my love for bad TV is probably only equal to my passion for reading the New York Post.

The problem with loving crappy TV is that inevitably, bad TV shows gets canceled. And that makes me sad. My DVR series manager (and if you don’t have DVR or Tivo or some equivalent you are nuts) is a graveyard of canceled shows. My list of shows to record is like TV’s death row. I think I was one of the last six people watching “The O.C.” I still miss my friends Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa. I loved “Hidden Palms” (a recently canceled teen drama that was a cross between “Dawson’s Creek”, “The O.C.” and Encyclopedia Brown). In fact, “Hidden Palms” was so hidden, I think it was on the air for all of a month. At 37, am I too old to be watching shows about high school students? Wait, don’t answer that. Moving on to “Gilmore Girls.” With good acting and clever writing, this show had its heyday. But the last and final season was so devoid of any real plot that it actually hurt me to watch. Still, every week I tuned in and I was a bit melancholy when it was all over.

So my latest obsession is the reality show “Hey Paula.” This show is terrible. Every episode, Paula Abdul cries, yells at her staff and complains non-stop about her fatigue. Hey Paula, here it is straight up. Take a nap, knock off the diva/loony behavior and quiet down because your life rocks.

My husband Rick does not make me feel better about all this. The guy actually comes home from work and will watch one of his DVR saved shows like “Meet the Press” or “60 Minutes.” But I don’t care. I learned so much from Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa in our four seasons together. I also enjoy Morley, Mike, Lesley and the rest of the 60 minutes gang but let’s be honest, they could never hack it in the O.C.

10 Responses to confessions of an o.c. addict

  • Margo says:

    I concur w/ one exception – – it's all about the PINKBERRY. Time to move on from Tasti. Can't believe I'm saying that but it's time!!!! You won't ever look back.

  • Elizabeth Holder says:

    While you're venturing to Pinkberry, do try to watch another guilty pleasure – "Age of Love" –

  • andrea Richman says:

    Next season try Dirt- Courtney Cox's show on FX- amazingly great adult trash tv. Also I just started dvr'ing Night Shift on soap net- 60 minutes a week- now thats a soap I can commit to…

  • Allison Teweles says:

    I respect the O.C .love…but I'm a Laguna Beach/The Hills junkie. I love that The Hills actually made Lauren look like the smartie in the group. Yikes!

    And, because I live in a small town with no snacks in walking distance, I'm curling up in front of the tube with melted chocolate chips and a banana. Eeek- was that TMI?

  • Betsy says:

    Hey, I want to know if I can get McCleods Daughters when I move back to the states. It is an Aussie drama. (My newest food obsession is Scooby Doo fruit snacks. To make things worse, I am stealling them from my daughter.)

  • Lanie says:

    Ok Kelc – I am one of the other 6 people who watched the O.C. If it makes you feel better, I so did not want to say goodbye to Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa that I saved the season finale on Tivo. I did break down and finally watch it last weekend – I really don't like goodbyes. . .

  • Kimberly says:

    I believe I am the one who got you addicted to the OC (although I did break my addiction before it was time to say goodbye)… I agree with Allison, the Hills is far superior to the OC.. and it's reality… we know how you love reality tv shows!!!! It is coming back August 13th.. I promise you will not be disappointed! And, you'll never have to say goodbye b/c they are real people:) US weekly will keep you updated.

  • Heidi from Uncle Bar says:

    I'm right there with ya sister!!I'm 35 years old & am totally ADDICTED to high school shows. Love em. I'm not embarrased to admit that I may have cried when Marissa died in my boyfriend Ryan's arms. I was into The OC not only for the gang but for all the cool music they had on the show…..The OC was everything all in one..fashion, music, mansions, beautiful people & the occaisonal girl on girl scene… which seems to be a series highlight in the eyes of my co-workers. Laguna Beach & The Hills are BY FAR my two faves! Can't get enough of that joker faced Spencer…I'm so disappointed in Heidi for buying into his act. Their relationship is a spin-off waiting to happen…& when it does I'll be watching. -H

  • Abby Siegel says:

    Well, lucky for me since I am a high school college consultant I consider watching The OC and all those shows "research." I am totally kidding myself because none of my clients watch these shows but who cares? Can't wait to see the new Hills and definitely am mourning the loss of Seth, Ryan, and the gang-what in the world will my mother, brother, and I talk about with each other??? Oh and I admit it-my friend Giorgia and I just watched "High School Musical" last week and the sequel comes out 8/17. Is it crazy that I know that?

  • Heidi from Uncle Bar says:

    BIG NIGHT TONIGHT….The Hills Season 3. Pretty sad that's the the first thing that came into my mind this morning….I need a life….But for now, I'm OK with living vicariously through my friends in the Hills!!

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