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So the other night I went out with my one and only Westchester friend for drinks and she sits down at the bar and orders a Cosmo.

And I think, holy crap did we just get out of our time machine? Is it 1998? Are Carrie and Miranda meeting us here?

But turns out, there was no time machine (I knew the suburbs couldn’t have everything). My friend just digs Cosmos. So I decided to try one. And it was so crisp, refreshing and lovely. Kicked the ass of a glass of Chardonnay.

So the following night, I got my sister (in town from Memphis) to order one too and she also thought it was pretty awesome.

I only tell you all this because I’m suddenly feeling a ground swell of momentum for the return of the Cosmo and when it comes back, I don’t want you to be all, “Cosmos are so not cool” when they totally effin are again. There. That’s your heads up.

Meanwhile, here’s reason 1, 438 why I like the suburbs. Rick doing yoga with the girls out on our deck.

yoga on the deck 1

yoga on the deck 2

He teaches a Vinyasa class on Saturdays at 10 if you’re interested.

And guess what? We got a new car! We just really needed something a bit roomier and cleaner than our 10 year-old Jeep Cherokee.  Don’t you just love it?!

mini cooper

What? It was either the Mini or a Vespa.

Ok, that might not be our new car. To be more accurate, that’s actually the car Rick WANTED to buy.

If you can guess what we did buy, I’ll let you name our new car. As long as you don’t name it Jack because there are already way too many cars on our block named Jack and I don’t want things to get confusing.

mama bird notes:

MomsLikeMe, a social networking site for moms, recently profiled me on their website. How sweet! Click here to read my interview.

Do you like to cook? A friend just told me about Bakespace, a very cool social networking site that revolves around cooking, recipes and inspiring conversations about food. So check it out if you do more than just order take-out.

Finally, if you’re going to Blogher this summer, please stop by our humor panel, “Dying is Easy, ROTFLMAO Comedy is Hard,” on Saturday at 3 pm. Along with me (because there is no way I would do this alone)… Anna from Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder, Deb from Deb on the Rocks, Jenny from The Bloggess, Jessica from Bernthis and Wendi from Wendi Aarons.

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