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I was invited to a Christmas party today. Yup, in the summer.

It was a promotional event for Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. With Santa.  And some of the Rockettes. I always love hanging out with 5′ 8″ super skinny, way young, beautiful dancers, so really, how could I refuse?

As soon as we got there, we ran into Mom-101 and her sweet kids. And then we hit the way fabulous “Make Your Own Cupcake” table hosted by Magnolia Bakery.

rockettes with dylan

There’s Dylan with a couple of the Rockettes. They were all like, “Hi sweetie! I love your dress. What are you making there? Are you going to choose the pink or the green frosting? I bet you’re going to choose pink.” And Dylan was all like, maybe if I ignore these tall broads they won’t eat my cake.

We got a tour of Radio City Music Hall and then we had the chance to meet Santa. Of course, my shy girls refused to get anywhere near Santa because he’s obviously Satan in a clever, jolly disguise.

Then it was time to watch the Rockettes perform on 6th Avenue. You see this is why I adore New York City so damn much. Because officials have the balls to shut down 6th Avenue in midtown at rush hour so the Rockettes can do their fancy kicks.

And then fake snow fell from the sky.

radio city 2

We even ran into Miss Teen New York who was carrying her crown in a box.

Miss Teen New York crown in a box

Because there are some things in life that you just can’t let go, I asked, “Why is your crown in a box?”

She replied, “When I’m in New York City, I’m not allowed to wear it because it might get stolen right off my head.”

That is either one crazy expensive crown or someone is that Miss Teen operation is a bit on the paranoid side.

At the end of the day, I asked Dylan and Summer what they liked the most about our Christmas in August. And they said…

1. The fake snow (otherwise known as paper)

dylan plays with paper

kelcey and dylan play with paper


2. The bathrooms at Radio City Music Hall because they have these hand dryers with a foot pedal.

summer in the bathroom

So the point of this post is – you must get to New York City this winter and check out the hand dryers.

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