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Rick had to leave very early for work one morning this week. I had to nurse the twins so I turned on “Blues Clues” for my older girls.Β  But then Summer immediately said, “I’m hungry.”

I sent Dylan and Summer downstairs on their own with very specific instructions. “Dylan, fill two snack bags with goldfish and come right back upstairs.”

But somehow they heard, “Light the kitchen on fire.”

Apparently, by the time they got downstairs, Summer wanted popcorn. And Dylan, being a very thoughtful older sister with a hands on approach to life, decided to make it for her.

In the toaster oven.

So 5 year-old Dylan put a package of microwave popcorn with plastic wrap and all into the toaster oven and turned it on.

I was upstairs, happily nursing and no longer watching “Blues Clues” but rather the E! True Hollywood Story of “That 70’s show” which is a lot more interesting than you might think. And that’s when I heard Dylan yell, “MOMMY!! COME DOWNSTAIRS. THERE IS FIRE!!”

I immediately ripped Harlowe and Chase off my breasts and tore downstairs where I found our toaster oven engulfed in flames. I unplugged the oven and then grabbed the fire extinguisher. Now even though Rick and I found out recently that unfolding a new stroller is not intuitive, fire extinguishers thankfully are. I had never used one before but within seconds the fire was out.

Thank God.

All this before 8:23 am.

I explained to Dylan and Summer that they are NEVER, EVER, EVER to use the toaster oven and Dylan asked, “What about when I’m an adult?”

“I’ll think about it,” I responded.

Right now I’m leaning no.

I think we might need to buy a new toaster oven.

44 Responses to children should not use toaster ovens

  • scrappysue says:

    oh wow – they really did a job on that, didn’t they? i bet you never thought u’d be able to unlatch 2 kids and place them carefully on the sofa so fast!!!

  • Kathy says:

    Omg….I have this vision of you football holding your babies, bare breast running down the stairs screaming…..! Glad everything turned out good….where is your nanny?

  • Emily says:

    Oh my goodness! The crazy things that the older kids do while mom is breastfeeding. I will probably never know all the trouble my son got into while I was strapped to the chair breastfeeding my daughter. SCARY. Glad everyone is ok!

  • Shana says:

    My son similarly attempted to cook a tray of bagel bites, still wrapped in plastic, in the toaster oven. And he was 16. As for your girls, I say candy for breakfast from now on. Everyone wins with candy!

  • That is so VERY scary!

    My niece and I (she’s my age), once tried making some cupcakes, but we couldn’t seem to get the oven to come on. So we decided to bake them in the microwave. Sparks flew. Smoked followed. Cupcake tins don’t do well in m/wave ovens.

    Oh, and eventually the oven did come on. At 3am. We’d set the timer.

    Glad everything is ok!

  • Aimee says:

    Lord. That story brings being a new mother of twins to an entirely different level you poor thing! Thank God They told you it was on fire instead of deciding it was a better show then Blues Clues (which my son would have done!)

  • sara says:

    OMG!!!! I now have “the vision of you football holding your babies, bare breast running down the stairs screaming” – and I am laughing so hard. (but only b/c you’re ok)

    Happy Birthday Sister!

  • Glad all turned out okay – After watching the documentary movie”Babies” – I wondered why I couldn’t have walked around with a baby attached to my boob. Those ladies breastfed everywhere – granted the breast was out all the time and easily accessible from all angles…

  • Crystal says:

    WOW!!! Don’t you LOVE how kids hear one thing after you’ve said another? Yeah, just wait until the girls are teenagers ;c)~ Glad everyone is ok!

  • francine Kasen says:

    My friend’s son went off to college and after using the dorm laundry room was confused that his dirty clothes came out of the washing machine all hot…..it was the dryer! Glad you are ok!!

  • Diane says:

    Good heavens – you have a fire extinguisher handy for such emergencies? I’m not sure there are even working batteries in our smoke detectors. Thanks for the wake-up call – we’re on a complete home safety check today!

  • Betsy says:

    Maybe you should teach Dylan, or even Summer, how to use the fire extinguisher. Then they could fix the problem themselves next time. You would not have to stop breastfeeding. (Glad everyone was OK! It is amazing what crazy ideas little ones can come up with.)

  • E says:

    It’s good when really scary S*$# turns out funny b/c it’s all ok in the end. Phew. I once left my kids in the backyard for a minute (literally) with the tiki torches lit. One tipped over and set the shed on fire with my youngest playing behind it and I had my son yelling, “MOMMY, THE SHED’S ON FIRE.” So don’t feel bad–it happens to the best of us multi-tasking moms. Props for the swift action!!!

  • Jackie says:

    I’m so sorry for your toaster over and the scare and most likely screaming kids. But thank GOD no one was hurt. Poor mama bird!

    Maybe you can have baggies of snacks already made and in a tupperware container upstairs. I promise I’m not judgeing you at all!!!! Just a suggestion for your sanity.

    But then again now that I think about it… you most likely have to have a few minutes to yourself to do that and you have your hads FULL right now. Not sure how you manage but I admire you for it.

  • Amber says:

    The toaster oven is now on lock and key in this house!!! At least the popcorn popped….(AND everyone is ok, that’s the most important). I have to give the girls a little credit, I didn’t know the difference between microwave and toaster oven when I was their age either.

  • Nancy Walton says:

    This is definitely a story for Dylan’s scrapbook or for when she gets a little older and asks you “what was I like when I was little, Mommy?”. It’s amazing how a person’s instincts kick right in, without much thought, just autopilot knowing what to do. So glad you’re all alright!

  • red pen mama says:

    This reminds me that I should read the instructions on the fire extinguisher in our kitchen before too much longer.

    I would say I’ll remember to unplug everything every night before I go to bed, but I don’t remember to do that now.

    Also, it looks like some of that popcorn popped. I find that the funniest part of the story.

  • debby says:

    I’m glad everything is O.K., but I sympathize with the clean up you have now in the kitchen. I had a toaster fire not too long ago and that fire extinguisher “stuff” gets in every drawer and crevice and is quite a mess to clean up. Obviously it’s still the much more desirable outcome. . .

  • MommyTime says:

    I’m glad that it was resolved reasonably easily and no one was hurt. (And I notice that even with the plastic wrap on and the fire, they managed to pop at least a few kernels to perfection in there!)

  • Kristin says:

    I remember when I lit my grandparents toaster oven on fire. I wanted a Morton’s frozen coffee-roll. I used the toaster oven as I had often seen my grandmother do, but as the flames were licking up outside of the door, I knew I was in trouble. Then there was the time I took a knife to get the bread out of the toaster (while it was still on) …luckily, my mom stopped me. And I was older than Dylan. I think I ‘ll go check my fire extinguisher now.

  • Portia says:

    OMG!!! Thank God they called you immediately! You certainly have your hands FULL there mommy! I’m feelin’ tired by just reading about you since you became a mama of 4! *bows down low to Kelcey* You are a super strong mama…don’t you forget that!

  • Valerie says:

    Phew! I think your Mama Bear (and I definitely do not mean mama grizzley like SP) instincts to protect your girls kicked right in. Way to respond so fast and glad all are safe.

  • Lisa says:

    WOW!!!! I have been contemplating purchasing fire extinguishers for our house and now I’m totally going to go out and buy them – like today!

  • suba lube says:

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  • Tooba says:

    I personally believe not letting them do it is not yet wright approach…yes they made a mistake, indeed a very dangerous one, but personally I think it’s because they weren’t properly educated and taught the difference. Kids this age want to experience and learn,and for good reason… parents tend to keep them away when they want to learn and then complain of a 16 year old who doesnt want to make his own breakfast. I would let them use these things under my supervision a few times and strictly tell them the consequences if they didn’t follow the guidelines, that is the house can be on fire. But thats just me, I know after what happened it might be very difficult for you to even imagine letting them do something like that.

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