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I’ve been so erratic and all over the map lately. Really, I haven’t been a bit presidential. And now I’m thinking of suspending my blog so that I can focus solely on my angst.

Oh wait. I’m not running for President. I don’t need to suspend anything. I’ll just write about my stress (you know, rather than doing something actually constructive).

I’m completely overwhelmed by the kindergarten options for my daughter Dylan. Can you imagine if someone came up to me when I was a 20-something single girl, out drinking cocktails with my girlfriends and flirting with some guy in an Upper West Side bar and said to me, “Someday you will be freaking out so crazy about kindergarten choices.”

Oh no, not me. I would never be THAT pathetic.

But I am.

And at this point, I’m thinking we should just move out of Manhattan.

Last night I attended a THREE hour meeting at Dylan’s preschool to discuss kindergarten options… you know, private schools, public schools, talented and gifted programs, the ERB test, the OLSTAT test, the Stanford Binet test, the oh-my-gosh-I-have-no-friggin-idea-what-any-of-this-means-test, etc.

And you have to decide what’s best for your child and start applying RIGHT NOW. Well, actually three days BEFORE NOW.

And I had the additional pleasure of paying my babysitter $60 bucks for this experience.

So hence my current McCain-esque tailspin that is getting me nowhere.

When I got home, I was so brain-fried that I just put on the TV. I was excited that a new episode of “ER” was starting.ย  No spoiler here if you are an “ER” fan, but I’m finally convinced that it really is the most depressing show on television (Rick’s been insisting this for years).

I was sobbing. On my couch. Watching ER. By Myself.

Apparently, it really is possible to become even more pathetic.

But I’m going to get my act together. Because if the government can solve our crippling economic crisis than I can certainly get a handle on Dylan’s kindergarten choices. It just takes a little focus, homework and internal calmness –

What? Oh, lawmakers haven’t solved our country’s financial problems yet? Well, jeez. That’s just another thing to worry about.

26 Responses to channeling mccain

  • Michelle says:

    I have done that same thing … sobbing on the couch, alone, watching ER. I decided I had to get my act together too… so instead of focusing on the real reason I was crying… I boycotted the show. I haven\\\’t watched it in 4 years. Clearly my problems are solved now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • myhouseof6 says:

    it is a wickedly tough choice, just remember that some private school teachers are not even state certified teachers, some do not even have teaching degrees, so do your research before forking over the dough. (i hope that is not a touchy debatable subject)
    your children are beautiful, healthy and well raised at home, they will thrive in any environment. i stressed over this decision for months, chose public schools for my own children and have been thrilled so far. some of my friends chose private and they are thrilled too, i really think it is luck of the draw, if you get a good teacher or not. its not the school system which teaches but the individual.
    (wow that was wordy, must be the debate i just sat through)

  • I have one token of wisdom, it will all work out. I went through a huge “open enrollment” drama last year for my daughter, she didn’t get into one school we hoped for. We love her current kindergarten teacher, so I guess you can say it all worked out. But I am still going to try to get her into the arts school for first grade.

    So maybe, I’ll just end with best of luck.

  • Abby Siegel says:

    You should talk to my friend Pat who was at my bday dinner. She just went thru this. I had to watch Grey’s but I know what part of ER made you cry as I saw it when I flipped to a commercial. I cried too, and will some more when I watch the entire episode. Let’s watch the FINAL episode together in May!

  • merlotmom says:

    Been there, done that. My advice: Close your eyes, close your ears, listen to your gut. You can only know as much as you know right now about your child. Base your decision on that and what is feels most comfortable for you and your husband. We spent a year in private and switched to public. We’ve been there since and are very happy (and have a lot more disposable income.) Only you know the right choice for your family.

  • Stephanie says:

    We haven’t hit that road yet…thankfully our little one is only a year old. I know it is around the corner and I am trying very hard to avoid thinking about it. Oh and I just got done watching ER (DVR is fantastic!) and I bawled like a baby. You are not alone!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jaclyn Locke says:

    Thanks to you I just had to take a xanax. We just started looking into preschools…not an easy task. I am terrified of what Kindergarten hunting might bring. Good luck.

  • kristen says:

    myhouseof6 makes a really good point about private school teachers. my nephew taught at a manhattan private school (one we all know) for a year before med school and he’d talk about the unqualified teachers, begging us to never go private.

    of course i tell you this because i got all excited when i read…we should just move from manhattan. i’m sure it wouldn’t be my state, but i could make a good case for fast trains, buccolic neighborhoods where your girls can play outside while you bake…hahahaha!

    but it is nice here. (;

  • Jessi says:

    In 3 years when our oldest graduates high school and our youngest starts Kindergarten, please remind me that it’s okay to freak out. I mean, heck, he’ll be going to Kindergarten in 3 years!! AGH (freaking already here) Though at that point I think my husband will be freaking out thinking he will never be done w/ schooling kids! HAHA! That’s what he gets for marrying a younger wife! (had to throw some political business in there)

  • Robin says:

    I can’t offer any advice on this because I think the city options are a whole other animal, with all the waiting lists and all. But I know you’ll make a good decision – you always do. I can say you’ll know if its not working out and at that point you’ll do what is necessary to make it work. The decision you make today does not have to carry you forever.

  • JoLynn says:

    O.K. either your PMS’ing or REALLY STRESSED out for NO reason!!! Kelcey, as far as kindergarten goes, this is your first child so it’s going to be overwhelming but your smart and you’ll get thru, I promise!!!(right now Iam getting my first child registered , interview’s, college essay’s, road trip’s to visit college’s, ect)So Iam going thru the same thing except my baby is leaving home:( That’s what’s going to kill me!! Anyway, I wish you the best!!

  • I really feel for you! Where I live, public school is just a given (unless you are a rich family who wants to drive 20 minutes every day to an elite school), but our public schools are wonderful. I’m blown away; do you pay $20 per hour for your babysitter?! WOW. The going rate here is $5.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Best education was a public one in NYC schools back when you kept your mouth shut and listened to the teacher. They put you in classes according to how smart you were, no dummies in my class, so the teacher didn’t have to ‘dummy-down’ her lessons. I didn’t even have my own seat/desk for my little tushy then. Class had over 40 students (and NO Teacher’s Aide) so we had to double up in the available seats (my small tushy with another small one, in one space). And we listened, we learned and when we went home, our parents enriched our education with theatre, zoos, museums, books, travel and driving and music lessons. THEY PAID FOR IT, NOT THE TAXPAYERS. The schools concentrated on teaching the 3R’s…and we graduated prepared for college or the business world. So, stop fretting…smart parents beget smart children…

  • MN Mama says:

    I confess I almost deleted your post before reading it…. after the week I have had I did not want to read anything about politics. I am glad I read it. I too was crying so much about ER…. I think after watching the show for as long as I have I deserve a happy ending that I am not going to get. I think I will only watch a few more weeks until my fav gal leaves and then I will be done. I just cannot handle it anymore. I am sorry you are stressed about the school thing…. I am sure I could not handle it. It would put me over the edge. Hang in there!

  • Mary Alice says:

    I stumble here somehow and just wanted to say…as the mom of three teens, one now graduated….relax. I agree with the last commenter “smart parents beget smart children” My son went to eight different schools in five different states in 12 years…..and he was fine….fantastic grades and fully prepared for college. I used to worry so much about “doing the right thing” because all the other parents were in such a tizzy, I should be in an even bigger tizzy right? But really, what I learned in the last 12 years, both with my own kids and watching kids in a schools where I worked or volunteered… your child CAN thrive in almost any school….what makes the difference is simply that they do their best and that you consistently make sure they understand the importance of their education, no matter what school they attend. They can and should take the utmost of pride in their work no matter whether the school is prestigious or the school is in quote unquote bad neighborhood with “bad test scores”

  • ErinB says:

    Did I seriously hear a commercial that ER has been on for 15 years? Which means I have been watching this show for….15 years!! Still so depressing yet I keep watching….and sobbed through this episode too. I hear Dr. Greene is coming back- in flashbacks this year. Good grief- get out the tissues!!
    Good luck with the school search. I can barely handle the decision “Morning or afternoon library time” :-}

  • Jessica says:

    You have to pick up a copy of The Ivy Chronicles… It is hilarious. Can’t remember the author. It’s all about getting into Kindergarten — maybe it was even preschool. But oh my will you relate and so LOL!!!

  • Lanie says:

    I will have to take notes as you solve the kindergarten crisis (b/c I know that you will and Dylan will appreciate it – in about 25 years. . . ). xoxoxo

  • Damselfly says:

    Isn’t it amazing how people can turn something that should be simple like kindergarten into an elaborate stress-inducing system? As for the financial crisis, I can’t help you there….

  • Diane says:

    All politics and designations aside, want to know one of the biggest things I miss about being a SAHM (stay at home mom) – is being able to have and articulate a particular political position. Whether or not I agree with what you write – thank heavens that you have the venue and audience to voice your opinions. Where would we be without technology? I love reading your opinions – even though I may not share what you believe, it gives me a chance to embark on a virtual discussion I am not privelgeged to share in my current local enviornment. Many thanks for providing another means of political discourse!

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