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It’s camp time. Camp is awesome. Mostly because I’ve never had a kid come home from camp and say, “I have a book report on the monkey bars and dodge ball due tomorrow” or “I have an exam in hanging out and playing with my friends that I haven’t yet studied for and I also need to build a diorama tonight.”

The pressure is off. I really only care about 4 things when it comes to camp.

  1. Cost. (I like cheap.)
  2. No technology. (Because if my kid is going to stare at an iPhone all day, I can do that at home for even cheaper!)
  3. Sunscreen. (It needs to be applied. At some point. Before camp is over.)
  4. Lice. (I don’t want it. My kids don’t want it. If you’ve ever hit rock bottom in your life, lice will actually take you lower. Way lower.)

My kid did once get lice at camp. I’m sure the fact that she was wearing every other girls’ headband, hat, hairbands, barrettes and bows had a little something to do with it.

And if regular old lice isn’t depressing enough, now there is apparently super lice which is sadly not super at all. In fact, the idea of it can make a parent who is about to send their kid off to camp very panicky indeed.

Which is why I partnered with Vamousse. If your kid picks up these pesky critters at camp, Vamousse lice treatment kills lice and eggs in one 15 minute treatment, is non toxic (which is very important to me) and is effective on pesticide resistant super lice. And the mousse is super easy to apply…

vamousse 4

And a lice free kid is a happy kid.

Vamousse 3

Vamousse also has a daily non toxic shampoo that defends against lice when used for 10-14 days following a potential exposure. So seriously, skip your kid’s regular daily shampoo and throw Vamousse lice defense in their sleep-away bag this summer.


And don’t forget to give your kids a lice check before they head off to camp. Since lice can be present way before they start itching.

And now I feel itchy.

And you feel itchy.

But hopefully our kids won’t be itchy this summer.

This post is sponsored by Vamousse. All ideas are my own.

3 Responses to camp is awesome. except for one little thing. lice.

  • Lanie says:

    These new super lice can definitely bring rock bottom even lower and push a person to the edge. Thanks for the vamouse suggestion. Going to shower now so I will hopefully stop itching (& thinking about being itchy).

  • hokgardner says:

    I wish that stuff had existed during any of the half dozen lice infestations we’ve had around our house in the past 10 years – do you know how fun it is to spend two weeks combing lice out of three kids’ hair while you’re 8 months pregnant? NOT ANY AT ALL.

    And I’ll keep it in mind should those little f*ckers ever show up again.

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