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I’ve heard a few people lamenting about the possibility of a rainy Halloween.

Yeah, that would be a bummer. You know what else would be a bummer? If we get 10 1/2 feet of water in our house like we did after Hurricane Irene and have to move out again for 3 months.

Agh. We are stressing about Hurricane Sandy.

So we bought 50 sandbags. We drove two hours to get our hands on a generator.  We bought tons of bottled water and batteries. We moved all our best candy to the top shelves.

What else could we do?!

We thought and thought and then realized we better be in costume.

Can you tell what we are?

Because we went to a Halloween party and people thought Rick was a…

1. pilgrim

2. scarecrow

3. candy corn.

WTF? He’s the Man with Yellow Hat. Don’t these people read to their children? In their defense, that yellow hat is a little too floppy and a bit pilgrimesque.

And I am obviously dressed as a sexy monkey.

In all seriousness, if you ever want to be really hot and not look at all alluring, I can totally loan you this Curious George costume.

I mean, once the storm is over. Because right now we are hoping Sandy is not going to mess with a monkey and man in a yellow hat.

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