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3 ½ year-old Dylan just hearts our dog Martini.

I think mostly because Martini moved to the suburbs last June.

Martini was a bit crazy rambunctious rowdy neurotic spirited.

She would lovingly gallop through our apartment at 80 mph, sending Dylan, in a mad panic, scrambling to the highest surface.

But now that Martini lives with a new family in Connecticut, she is the object of Dylan’s adoration.

Dylan: When Martini comes back, we should buy her a vest (there are endless examples of well-dressed pets in our neighborhood which has convinced Dylan that Martini does indeed need to be fitted for some new outer wear).

Me: Well, I think Martini is going to stay in the country because she is so happy running around there.

Dylan: But when she comes back, we should buy her a vest.

Me: Well, if she comes to visit, we’ll certainly consider it.

Dylan: She needs a vest.

Me: Ok.

Given Dylan’s sudden zest for our former dog (and apparently vests too), I thought she might enjoy the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. A friend gave us tickets and it’s barely a 10 minute cab ride to Madison Square Garden from our apartment.

So we went.

And Dylan was overflowing with exuberant joy.

Mostly because of the escalators.


As for the dog show, our seats were amazing. I desperately wanted to stay right there in our spot until Justin Timberlake comes back into town.

And there were a few moments of suspense.

Like when Dylan got her foot stuck in one of the chairs. Apparently the seats are not intended for use as a climbing apparatus. She yelped as if she would never be freed again which brought a few critical glances our way.

As for the show, we saw dogs running back and forth to polite clapping from the crowd. And we watched judges checking out their hind legs and other very important dog show stuff (For more details, rent that Christopher Guest movie).

Apparently, Patty Hearst’s (Yes, THAT Patty Hearst) dog was competing but I wasn’t able to spot the celebrity canine (mostly, I think because I have no idea what her dog looks like).

But I did notice the bars were on lock-down at the Garden. I guess booze and beagles don’t mix.


It just ain’t cool anymore to drink and judge dog shows.

All and all, the show was a fun way to fill a frigid winter afternoon.

As you know, I’m pretty down on winter. I mean, other than the cold, the darkness, and claustrophobic children bouncing off the icy windows, I don’t mind it THAT much.

However, I will admit there are moments, like a snowy afternoon by the Hudson River,


when winter can be quite magical.


Have Valentine’s Day. Sending a little magic + love + chocolate your way.

24 Responses to best in show

  • WA says:

    The Beagle finalist is from Austin & was just on the front page of the paper. He's might usurp Lance Armstrong as the biggest local celeb. But come on, are Lance's ears that velvety soft?

  • Jordana says:

    Last night I asked Ava if she wanted to look at pictures on the computer and she asked for "dogs playing." I went to Youtube and typed it in and there is a super cute clip of dogs and polar bears frolicking. A must for any dog lover (or polar bear lover for that matter!).

  • Julie says:

    Maybe Dylan wants to add a dog vest to the snowsuit outfit. You know I only mean this in the nicest way. I am sorry to make fun, but that girl makes me laugh with her outfits. XOXO

  • Abby Siegel says:

    I went to the dog show too! And my mom mentioned to me that Patty Hearst's dog was in the show. AND I was reminiscing about JT (esp. when they played a song on the jumbotron). I was having a down day but we went backstage to see the pups and lo and behold the Nikkis (Samoyeds-my childhood pup) were there! I buried my face in a bunch of Nikkis and felt so much better. Too bad he didn't win….but it was really fun!

  • mp says:

    Great pics!

    I have to tell you..UNO..the winner is from right across the river from me!! YES!! There was a picture in the paper today of Uno's cousin Bill! Everyone here is VERY proud.

  • Kristen says:

    Did you happen to see the puppy bowl on Animal Planet before the Super Bowl? Oh goodness, we all including our yorkie loved it.

  • Francine Kasen says:

    There are only 2 "benched" dog shows in the US (Of the largest shows). Westminster is NOT one of them. The annual Philadelphia dog show in November is one and we never miss it. A benched show means that all the participating dogs and their handlers are required to remain at their assigned spaces (benches) throughout the entire show even if their group is finished for the day AND be available for spectators to meet them up close and personal. In other words, everyone gets backstage. It is a great opportunity to meet and talk to breeders etc. and really learn the scoop on each breed. It is how I discovered Wheaten Terriers in 1986 and we had our Wheaten for 15 great years. Your in-laws and we took Jake and Stevie this year and Jake hugged lots of giant scary-looking dogs. Ilene has the pics. Next year aunt Franny will be happy to take the girls. Happy VD! I found heart-shaped raviolis at whole foods and made rack of lamb and shrimp and all sorts of goodies. And the 4 of us had a romantic dinner at home!!

  • Auntie T says:

    That picture on the river is definitely frame worthy and perhaps T worthy?? Send it on!

    Love Dylan's fashion confidence!

    Happy Valentine's day to all my girls! and Rick, too!

  • am feeling nostalgic also about new york. forget the sirens, the noisy/scary/drug dealing neighbors. what? you think we lived in a bad neighborhood?

    so many good things to do with kids — oh the museums. but a dog show — now that sounds great, as long as it doesn't feed the want-a-pet obsession.

  • shay says:

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Your girls are so gorj in their pink.

    I think I might need a drink to make it through a dog show but…I could be wrong. I now have a dog so maybe it'd mean something to me now?

  • Marie says:

    Heck, what's the point of a dog show if you can't get a bit knackered? We ate at the Olive Garden for V-Day and it felt very pointless since I couldn't have wine with my meal in my expectant state.

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