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This post is sponsored by Luvs.

I can’t remember when I learned about the idea of gratitude. But the importance of it, has always stuck with me.

Even on our worst days, we can all come up with things to be thankful for – it could be the smallest thing in the universe. A Gilmore Girls Reunion.  The fact that the Halloween candy still hasn’t run out. My 3 year old blowing me a kiss. Finally locating the remote. Or finding a $5 bill my pocket.

Because $5 will totally buy one of those frozen yogurts that come in the way too gigantic cups. I mean, take a look of this photo of when Cash was a baby… What’s bigger – my baby’s head or the cup?


Hard call, right?!

I know in high school I was grateful for Sun In and diet soda and that my asymmetrical haircut finally grew out. And best friendships. And when a crush liked me back.

And in college, ladies night at our favorite bar. And my make-me-laugh-so-hard friends. And the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving which always seemed to be the most fun night ever.

And after college, I was grateful for a job.

And later on, the city of Manhattan with its energy and grit and never ending promise of opportunity.

And then finding a person who definitely made me a better version of myself.

And then these children. Who are beautiful. And inspiring. And so talkative. With so many opinions.

I look at my 3 year old son (our 5th child) and I’m so grateful for his spirited existence in this world even if we never really saw him coming.

Although he STILL refuses to accept Daylight Savings and cheerfully awakes every morning at 5:30 AM. I just love his sweet face, even as I am pleading, “GO BACK TO SLEEP. IT’S DARK. NO ONE IS UP. GO BACK TO SLEEP. I AM SO OLD. PLEASE.”

He doesn’t care at all (in case you’re wondering).

Luvs (the diaper company) just did a poll of moms across the country to take a look at parenting like it really is and here’s what they found out…


50% of moms value having an uninterrupted phone conversation and I’m absolutely positive that if I ever have one, I’ll appreciate it too.

53% of mothers value watching TV shows and movies that aren’t cartoons. (Yes, I still shudder about the time our cable was stuck on one of the kid channels for over 24 hours.)

And 81% of moms would prefer an entire day off from housework than dinner with their celebrity crush.

Wait, what?!

Moms, and I speak to all 81% of you…

I would be happy to dustbust my minivan for 12 hours straight if I could then kick back and dine with my super hot celebrity crush. I would tell you who he is – but you might dustbust your minivan for 12 hours and steal him from me.

You know what else parents are grateful for? Diapers that doesn’t leak. Luvs just introduced the new and improved Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™.  If you’re still in that diaper stage of parenthood (which lasts somewhere between two years and 10 billion years), you need to try these.

They are absorbent, affordable, easy fastening and offer ultra-leakage protection. What more do you want parents?! (I mean other than for your kid to finally get used to that Daylight Savings thing and sleep past 5:30 in the morning.)

And Luvs is offering a $1 print-at-home coupon. Just click here.

Saving money? Yeah, I’m always grateful for that.

Join the #WhatULuv Twitter party hosted by @iConnect and @Luvs, on November 29th, 9-10pm EST to share what you value as a parent.

This post is sponsored by Luvs. All ideas are my own. 

One Response to being thankful every day

  • MN Mama says:

    I love this post. I could not agree more. There is always something for which to be grateful. I was challenged in March of this year to write three things that I am thankful for each day. I love this practice! It is a great reminder that we have a lot to be thankful for.

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