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When I was single I used to dread Valentine’s Day. Did I really need a national holiday to remind me that I was completely unattached?

It’s cruel. Oh yes, there is love all around. Love. Love. Love. Oh, but none for you.

All those red petals and baby’s breath delivered to the cubicle next to you. So darn close. Maybe I’ll scoot those roses over to my desk, just for a few minutes, since she’s off at lunch. I heard she was cheating on her boyfriend anyway. Oh, they smell sooo good. Crap. She’s coming back. Quick. Quick. Put the flowers back on her desk. My god, she’ll think I’m a crazy person.

The holiday wouldn’t be so depressing in the middle of let’s say… June. Sunny, warm, tank tops and flip flops June. But dreary February?

Of course, boyfriends along the way and my husband changed all that. I, too, could finally go out and pay for inflated price-fixed Valentine’s Day dinners. I suddenly had a dozen long stem roses on my desk and creamy, caloric Godiva chocolates tied with fat, crisp ribbon. And it felt sugary and sweet and nice.

But suddenly this year, it all feels ridiculously predictable. Stale. Manufactured.

Just not feeling the love for the holiday.

I love and adore my husband. But there is no denying that our first kiss is long gone. The frenetic energy and heady rush of new love has transformed into the warm buzz and constant chaos of our family unit.

Roses on February 14th feels like fresh love.

A bunch of gorgeous flowers from my favorite shop on some random day feels more like us. It feels like deep love, commitment, respect, laughter and a life intertwined. I’ll take it.

Oh wait, I want one more thing.

How about a rich, creamy nutella crepe.

And a fab BCBG top too.

And also 10 hours of straight sleep.

And maybe if Rick promised to never again eat chicken skin.

And a guarantee I’ll look as good as Tina Turner when I’m 68.


Did you see her perform at the Grammy’s? Wowie Zowie. Beyonce has nothing on her.

Yes, that’s about it. The perfect celebration of our eternal love. A little odd that chicken skin and Tina Turner would play a role. But love is a mystery, my friends.

By the way, I know many of you are anxiously waiting to see my LA Mac genius techno hero Wass, all tucked in and ready for bed. As I suspected, Wass is indeed a sleep sack maniac. He supplied the picture to prove it.


I knew there was a reason he and Dylan are such tight buds.

Last night, 3 year-old Dylan woke up in the middle of the night sobbing because she couldn’t scratch her tushee while wearing 1 year-old Summer’s sleep sack. I get it. Who wants an itchy butt?

The solution seems obvious, right? Ditch the sack. But no. I unzipped her, scratched her tush and then she demanded to be zipped back up.

Hmm… I wonder if Wass had the same issue last night.

24 Responses to be mine

  • Abby Siegel says:

    Wasn't that pick of Wass such a nice treat? Hey Eric! My dad is IN LURVE with Tina T. He makes my mom go to concerts and everything and sit in the front row so he can be the recipient of her sweat. Although who did not love Morris Day and the Time last night on the Grammys?? Now that's my Valentine's treat! Oh and a gorgeous new pair of earrings….

  • Jessi says:

    I'm writing about Valentine's Day myself today. Sleep sure sounds nice doesn't it?

    Honestly, how big is the sleep sack? I have a 2 yr old who refuses to keep the covers on, but then cries when he gets cold. Yeah, I know he's in bed with me when he does this so all I need to do is roll over and cover him back up …but we were just talking about uninterrupted sleep weren't we?

  • Tara says:

    so with you on the whole "not feeling the love on "Valentine's Day! So manufactured….I'd MUCH rather get random flowers on ANY other day.

    Oh, and Tina Turner paid A LOT of money to look that good at 68! LOL

  • Marie says:

    My high school did adult ed too, and we had an actual florist shop and such. So every Valentine's all these girls would be running around with flowers and balloons and such. But never me. *sniff* But now I have a husband that buys me flowers for no reason at all. Trouble is, how do you tell a guy you don't really like pink roses and would much prefer wildflowers, without ruining the sentiment?

    I want a sleep sac! Do they come with padlocks to keep husbands away?

  • Auntie T says:

    I'd like to look that good at 52! And where do I get a sleep sack for me when it's 0 degrees outside and my hubby pulls all the covers off!

  • Donna says:

    deep love, what is that? i think my husband missed the train on romance. all he ever wants is sex. i would rather get flowers once a week than once a year

  • Jordana says:

    I just taught my AP Psych kids about the difference between passionate love and companionate love. I actually thought about pulling this entry to further clarify.

  • Kerry says:

    does dylan REALLY, TRULY wear the sleep sack at night? that's what i call unconditional-honor-your-child's-true-individual-spirit parenting! hats off to you!

  • Steven says:

    Let Rick eat chicken skin.

    Our grandparents, and parents before tthey knew better, lived on crispy, greasy, chicken skin, covered with tons of salt and garlic.

  • Jennifer says:

    10 hours of sleep for Valentine's Day sounds just about right to me. Even better would be a whole night to myself. Ahhh…nothing says true love like alone time! 😉

  • Kristen says:

    okay… as much as I admire Tina Turner, it is neither natural nor normal to not have a wrinkle at age 68. Please Kelcey remember each day you are beautiful and it is okay to age. I am not saying that I am enjoying all the aging process but it is better than the alternative. Unfortunately, they are very few visible role models in Hollywood that are showing the aging process. You are gorgeous and always have been (and always will be)!

  • Tommy-Tom says:

    I agree with Kristen. TT's blemish free look, courtesy of much $ and medical science, gives me great pause. We and our children do need a different role model. And, just like that, the the lovely Ms. Naomi Watts, presents herself to us. Ms. Watts recently announced that she would not be having any work done as she aged. Thank you, Naomi.

  • mp says:

    Man having an itchy butt and not have a way to scratch would SUCK.

    Nutella Crepe..have you eaten one of those, Giada was making something similar the other day and DAMN that looked good!!

    I'd love to have Tina Tuners body at 41.

  • Gretchen says:

    For those of you desperate for an adult sized sleep sack, check out http://www.clothingwarehouse.com. They have one for adults up to 6' tall and all have feet holes so you can still chase kids!! I've had an adult sleep sack for years (my Couch Cozy) and love every minute of it. I can totally relate to Dylan's obsession! Unfortunately, they don't come with padlocks! Most men aren't really attracted to the head-to-toe fleece look anyway!

  • Madmad says:

    And would you have scratched it for him if he did? Not unless you had 2,000 mile long arms. And probably even not then.

    You know what is weird? I was JUST thinking of how great Tina Turner looks, and that I want to look like her when I grow up. And I didn't even watch the Grammies. (Gasp, the horrors, I know, I know.) Anyway, just goes to show, great minds think alike!

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